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Adam Cole did not expect Otis to win “one of the craziest Money In The Bank matches I’ve ever seen”

NXT Champion and leader of Undisputed Era Adam Cole recently appeared on WWE’s The Bump. The longest reigning NXT Champion in history appeared on the show to discuss a number of topics surrounding RAW, SmackDown and the landscape of NXT.

One of the subjects tackled by the NXT Champion was the ‘Corporate Ladder’ Money In The Bank match. Cole would describe the match as one of the “craziest” that he has ever seen and he praised the talents that took part in the bout.

With the ongoing pandemic WWE have had to find creative ways to produce content for the television audience. The ‘Corporate Ladder’ MITB match from WWE Headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut was the latest in their ‘cinematic’ style matches. This of course follows on from the Boneyard and Firefly Fun House matches at WrestleMania.

“That match had so many different, what’s the word I’m looking for? Amazing things in it” Adam Cole began. “I mean, oh my gosh they fought all over the building, and the ending to me was very surprising.”

Cole elaborated further, saying how he did not expect Otis to win the match. The Heavy Machinery tag team member would catch the briefcase when it slipped from the grasp of AJ Styles. Otis had been unable to climb the ladder himself, after the first rung of one of the steel ladders broke as he stood on it.

“You know Otis? He’s a strong guy, he’s a talented guy but I certainly didn’t expect him to walk away with the Money In The Bank” Cole stated. “And he did, which really shakes things up here in the WWE.”

Cole would finish by re-iterating that it was one of the craziest bouts he had ever seen. “I was thoroughly entertained. I mean, Rey Mysterio and Aleister Black just disappeared into the abyss! It was one of the craziest Money In The Bank matches I’ve ever seen.”

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