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Adam Rose thanks WWE for helping him get sober, posts before and after photo



Adam Rose (Raymond Leppan) says he is thankful to WWE for helping him during a rough time in his life.

Rose's time in WWE did not end on the best note because of personal issues. He was suspended for 60 days in 2016 for violating WWE's wellness policy. At the time, he claimed that he had a prescription for Adderall XR to treat ADHD. A few weeks later, he was arrested for battery domestic assault and suspended by WWE before he requested and was granted his release.

His domestic abuse case was eventually dropped after he said that he would seek help for his marital issues.

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Today, he says that he has been 415 days sober and he is up to 223 lbs, up from 170 lbs when he was working for WWE. You can see the before (pictured left) and after (pictured right) photos below.

He said the following on Facebook about his substance abuse issues:

"I have never really spoken about this but the picture on the left is me at the height of my drug usage, 170lbs. The picture on the right is me as I am now after 415 days sober, 223 lbs. God has given a me a second chance and I don't plan to waste it. I want to thank the @wwe for their help. They went above and beyond for me even when I know I didn't deserve it. Stay tuned as I plan to share with you all my story and journey. #letgoletgod"