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Addressing PWInsider’s ridiculous story from this morning on CM Punk and TNA

For whatever reason, PWInsider decided to refute Dave Meltzer’s story about TNA reaching out to CM Punk to see if there was interest in signing him to a deal. As noted in the Wrestling Observer, Punk has no interest in doing anything in wrestling. For more on the story, click here.

PWInsider’s Mike Johnson (while admitting that he didn’t actually read what Meltzer wrote) says that they reached out to high level sources in TNA and they denied that there was any truth to the story. Of course, TNA has made public denials in the past that turned out to be true so taking TNA at their word does not mean much.

TNA denied that Vince Russo was working for them. They denied it publicly and privately to employees and wrestlers that asked. TNA also denied that there were money issues with the company and yet, they’ve made major budget cuts to the show, have cut dozens and dozens of wrestlers this past year, and they don’t spend money promoting their house shows. TNA has denied that the story that Spike TV is not renewing them and that denial was proven to be false.

We asked a TNA representative if the stories were true about production staff being late on pay. They flat out denied there was an issue even though people in production swear that the company was late on paychecks. As soon as the pay stories got out then the company caught up on those late checks and paid them. There have been former talent that have gone on record publicly talking about management lying to them so the Punk denials are not a surprise. TNA is also the same company that told a wrestler that was temporarily paralyzed and almost died on their watch that he had a job for life with them and then fired him. You also have quotes like this from people like Rampage Jackson a few months: “I was like, I don’t know whats up with this company, I don’t know what’s going on, I’m outtie. Dixie and Big asked me to come over and do some stuff, they never came through on anything they said they were going to. You guys aint the first people to fill me full of dreams. I’m not buying into that,” Jackson said.

Dave Meltzer has more sources than anyone in and out of the business. Those sources include people in management in all of the major promotions, wrestlers in all promotions, and people in the television industry so there is no reason not to believe that the Punk story is true. In fact, it only makes sense that TNA would make an offer to the biggest free agent available. It would make zero sense that TNA would not at least make an effort to sign him.


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