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Adrian Neville says it was not planned for Pat Patterson to come to the ring at NXT TakeOver

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Adrian Neville reveals to The Sun how Pat Patterson enjoyed his NXT title match with Sami Zayn at Takeover: R Evolution so much he stormed the ring to congratulate them both.

Neville said: “Pat wasn’t scheduled to come out at all, he happened to be backstage.

“He comes along occasionally to NXT and lends his advice to some of the younger guys.

“Apparently, watching the match, Pat wasn’t meant to come out but he just foxed his way through — he said he was going to jump the railings, no matter what Triple H said!

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“He just shook my hand and congratulated me and told me he’d enjoyed the match which coming from someone like Pat is huge.

“It was surreal. Someone like Pat giving you that nod, it is unbelievable.”

Neville also told The Sun how he 'teared up' at the end of the show's main event, a match he rates as one the best the pair have ever had together.

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