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Advertised match was pulled from WWE Monday Night Raw

Plans for WWE Raw apparently changed sometime within the last 24 hours.

On Sunday, WWE was advertising a “first time ever” match between Randy Orton and Braun Strowman. Instead, fans got Orton vs. Matt Riddle. The match was made during a backstage segment after Orton said that he felt disrespected by Riddle after Riddle suggesting forming a tag team called RKBro.

As of this writing, there is no word on why Strowman was pulled from the match but it’s possible that he has an injury or it’s something else that caused them to change plans. For what it’s worth, Strowman’s Instagram Stories indicates that he is at Raw so it could simply be that Vince McMahon decided on postponing the advertised match for a later date.

For those of you wondering, Riddle pinned Orton so it looks like they are officially in a program together. The announcers did not say anything about the whereabouts of Strowman.

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