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AEW All Out results: Young Bucks vs. Jurassic Express


In the second match of the night, The Young Bucks took on Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus) with Marko Stunt at ringside. Stunt was on crutches.

Notes written in real-time during the match:

Matt and Nick Jackson still have the serious demeanor because of the recent events with FTR and Hangman Page. A couple of minutes into the match, Matt did a locomotion (consecutive suplex sequences) on Jungle Boy in the ring and then they went over the top of the ring. Jungle Boy took a beating from Nick and Matt for several minutes and the announcers kept pointing out how aggressive The Bucks have been.

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Nick kicked Luchasaurus in the face as Jungle Boy tried to make the hot tag. Matt and Nick were acting heelish at times during the match. Luchasaurus finally made the tag and took out both Matt and Nick. The high-risk stuff picked up as the match progressed including a spot where Luchasaurus did a flip off the ring apron onto Matt and Nick at ringside. The Bucks fought back with a powerbomb to Jungle Boy on the ring apron and a facebuster in the ring to Luhasaurus. At ringside, Matt kicked Marko's crutch and then he superkicked him. Nick hit a Swanton on Jungle Boy as Matt held up with Jungle Boy's legs on the second rope. Jungle Boy barely kicked out of the pin attempt. The Bucks tried the BTE trigger but Jungle Boy moved out of the way. Jungle Boy hit a Poison Rana on Matt and a double team slam move for a near fall. Luchasaurus did a dive onto Nick into the "crowd" and in the ring Matt caught Jungle Boy with a kick into a near fall. Matt and Nick then superkicked Jungle Boy but Jungle Boy kicked out of the pin attempt. The Bucks hit the BTE trigger (double knees to the head) on Jungle Boy and Matt got the pin.

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