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AEW Dark is moving to TNT

As noted earlier in a press release sent out by All Elite Wrestling, TNT/WarmerMedia will be picking up another AEW show.

According to Turner President Kevin Reilly (via The Wrap’s Tony Maglio), AEW Dark will be moving to TNT. There is no word yet on when the show will be moving. The show will air weekly but TNT has yet to announce which day of the week it will air.

Dark currently premieres on Tuesday night’s on YouTube and the matches are taped after each Wednesday’s Dynamite live broadcast.

Reilly added, “We’re taking ‘Dark’ and then re-adapting it for TNT.” He also said that they are going to embellish Dark with some behind-the-scenes and docu-follow material to tell stories about the wrestlers.

It looks like AEW would continue to have a big footprint on YouTube. Reillys said, “I think we should continue to put some stuff out on YouTube just to build that bridge, but not the whole show.”

This has been a great day for everyone in AEW and many in the professional wrestling business should be happy because this TV deal for Dynamite/Dark on TNT makes the company profitable just one year after launching. This means that there are more spots and more revenue available to spend on talent.


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