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AEW Dynamite Results for April 27th, 2022

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

AEW Dynamite
April 27th, 2022
Liacouras Center
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Welcome to our live coverage of AEW Dynamite, which will be taking place in the Liacouras Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Already announced for the show, Dax Harwood will square off with his fellow tag team partner Cash Wheeler in an Owen Hart Foundation Tournament qualifying match with CM Punk as the guest commentator, Lance Archer will face off with Wardlow, Hikaru Shida will do battle with Serena Deep in a Philly Street fight, The Young Bucks, Adam Cole, Kyle O'Reilly, and Bobby Fish will face The Varsity Blondes, Dante Martin, Brock Anderson, and Lee Johnson in a big ten man tag match, and Sammy Guevara will defend his newly won TNT title against Scorpio Sky in a ladder match!

- The show starts out with CM Punk making his entrance, who will be on commentary for our opening match, Cash Wheeler vs Dax Harwood.

Match 1: Cash Wheeler vs Dax Harwood 

- The match starts out with both men locking up and exchanging classic wrestling holds, Cash gets the better of the two with an arm drag takedown into a submission, both men get into the corner and push each other, Cash is then able to land a should block to the midsection of Dax, followed by a chop to the chest and a headlock. Dax is then able to deliver a superplex from the top rope onto Cash, Cash then lands a baseball slide kick to Dax Hardwood on the outside as we go to commercial break.

*Commercial break*

- We are back from commercial as Cash lands a german suplex on Dax, Dax then lands a German suplex of his own, both men then run in each other with a crossbody, knocking both men down. Dax and Cash both get up and exchange a series of uppercuts and punches, Dax goes for a powerbomb on Cash but Cash is able to counter into a hurricarana for a nearfall, Dax is then able to deliver the powerbomb on Cash for a nearfall, Cash then lands a piledriver on Dax for another nearfall, Cash goes for a suplex from the top rope but Dax counters roughly for another nearfall, Dax then lands a crossbody to Cash, sending both men crashing to the outside, Cash quickly rollups Dax but gets a near fall, Cash counters into a small package of his own for the win.

Winner via pinfall: Dax Harwood at 15:02.

- At Double Or Nothing, Adam Page will defend the world title against CM Punk.

- CM Punk then leaves the announce table, Punk says that he believes he can still do it, Punk says that every match up until this point has been warming up, Punk says that he can't promise a win but he will give his 100%, he says without the fans he doesn't come back after 7 years, Punk says that he's never been a gambling man but he will bet on himself, Punk then says that he will keep wrestling until the wheels fall off.

- Scorpio Sky is backstage with Dan Lambert, Sky claims that tonight he knocked off Sammy Guevara to once again become the face of TNT.

Match 2: The Blackpool Combat Club vs Aaron Solo, Nick Comoroto, and QT Marshall 

- The match starts out with Moxley immediately going after Comoroto with punches, Comoroto is able to tag out to Solo but Moxley quickly delivers a suplex to Solo, followed by a forearm to the nose and a back suplex. Moxley then tags in the hometown hero, Wheeler Yuta, who makes quick work of Solo, Solo tags out to Comoroto who delivers a suplex to Yuta as we go to commercial break.

*Commercial break*

- We are back from commercial as Yuta lands a german suplex on QT before making the tag to Bryan Danielson, Bryan then lands a series of stiff chops and kicks to the chest of Solo, Bryan then lands a dive through the second ropes to Comoroto and QT, Moxley and Bryan then land a series of closelines on Solo and QT, sending QT to the outside, Solo jumps from the top rope but is caught by a dropkick by Bryan, Bryan tags out to Yuta, Comoroto then comes in and lands multiple throws to Yuta, Comoroto goes for a running powerslam but Yuta counters into a chokehold, all three members of The Blackpool Combat Club hold down QT, Comoroto, and Solo for the victory.

Winners= The Blackpool Combat Club at 8:47.

- Toni Storm is backstage with Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter, Ruby Soho then shows up and claims that Britt is always threatened when someone new shows up and that she should drop her where she stands, Britt says that they are going to visit Ruby's favorite place, catering.

- We are backstage with Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy, and Christian. Christian tells Jungle Boy that he shouldn't feel bad for losing and they should take on a top five team, Powerhouse Hobbs and Ricky Starks interfere and challenge them to a title match.

- Lance Archer comes out for his match, we see MJF and Shawn Spears in the skybox, MJF asks if everyone knows what women in Philadelphia use as birth control, their personality. MJF then introduces Wardlow, who is brought out handcuffed once again with no music. Archer then jumps over the top rope taking out the guards and Wardlow.

Match 3: Wardlow vs Lance Archer 

- Wardlow is able to land an impressive hurricarana to start the match, Archer goes for a chokeslam but Wardlow pulls his hand off, both men then run in to each other with a closeline, both men then exchange a series of punches, Archer than walks the top rope and delivers a moonsault to Wardlow, Archer then lands a chokeslam on Wardlow for the nearfall, Archer than lands the blackout out Wardlow and the pin, but wardlow rollsup Archer for another near fall, Archer goes for another blackout but Wardlow is able to counter with a series of headbutts and a Swanton from the top rope for a nearfall, Wardlow then lands four powerbombs in a row to pick up the victory.

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Winner via pinfall: Wardlow at 5:30.

- After the match, Wardlow is handcuffed and walked out of the arena once again.

- The Jericho Appreciation Society make their entrance for a "sitdown" with Eddie Kingston, Santana, and Ortiz. Angelo Parker says that there will be no physical altercation during this sitdown, which Kingston, Santana, and Ortiz agreed to, before making their entrance. Jericho says that the world is 4 1/2 billion years old and you're lucky enough to be living in the Chris Jericho era, Jericho says that people pay to see the Jericho Appreciation Society and Eddie should apologize for having them kicked out last week on Rampage, Santana and Ortiz flip off the group, Daniel Garcia says that these threats don't mean a thing because they can't hit them before trying to taunt them into hitting them, Eddie says that he hates all of this and flips the table, Eddie tells Jericho to stop with the crap.and fight them 5 on 3, Jericho says that they aren't smart enough to realize that they are outnumbered, Jericho says one by one they will be taken out because Jericho is putting a hit on them, Kingston says when you put a hit on someone in his world he ends things, Jericho says that no other company wants Kingston and he should stand there and do what he's told like a b*tch, Eddie says that he can smell the fear coming off of Jericho, Kingston says that they've put someone in the ground before and they'll do it again.

Match 4: Philly Street Fight: Serena Deeb vs Hikaru Shida

- Shida tries to use her kendo stick but Serena dodges it, Shida takes down Serena and delivers a series of punches before Serena turns it around and lands punches of her own, Shida then hits a missle dropkick, Shida puts Serena on the top rope and lands a running knee to the midsection, sending Serena to the outside. Serena jumps off the apron but Serena lands a chairshot to the knee of Shida, Serena then lands a kneeslam to Shida on the steel chair as we go to commercial break.

*Commercial break*

- We are back from commercial as we see Serena sitting in the chair in the middle of the ring, taunting Shida. Shida then sends Serena face first into the chair, sending her to the outside, Shida tries to grab Serena and bring her back in the ring but Serena throws powder in the eyes of Shida, Serena then delivers a series of stiff shots with the kendostick, Serena goes for a powerbomb but Shida counters and kicks up the kendostick, who then proceeds to swing blindly, Shida then uses water to get the powder out of her eyes and delivers a missle dropkick to Deeb from the steel steps. Back in the ring, Shida lands a handful of shots with the kendostick but Serena counters by landing a chairshot to the knee once again, Serena wraps a chair around the leg of Shida and goes to the top but Shida lands a chairshot and a falcon arrow from the top rope for the nearfall. Serena lands the detox on the chair for yet another nearfall, Serena then slams Shida's knee down multiple times on the chair, she then locks in a Texas cloverleaf on Shida for the submission victory.

Winner via submission: Serena Deeb at 11:39.

- MJF and Shawn Spears are backstage, MJF then says that he has a plan before making a phonecall, he offers six figures to fight Wardlow, MJF says that Wardlow is facing a man who is smarter than him and you can't change that, teasing that W.Morrissey (big Cass) will debut in AEW next week.

- Yhe lights go out as we see Fuego Del Sol laying out on the ramp, Malakai is about to unmask him but they are interrupted by Alex Abrahantes who introduces Penta El Zero Miedo and Pac, Rey Fenix then returns from behind with a shower but the House Of Black dodge it, Fenix takes out Buddy Matthew's with a series of kicks and a double footstomp from the top rope, The Lucha Brothers and Pac then take out the House Of Black by flying over the top rope, House Of Black then retreats.

- We hear from Swerve Strickland and Darby Allin, who will wrestle next week in an Owen Hart Foundation Tournament qualifying, Swerve says that he's looking forward to once again turning Rampage into his house, Darby says that this is his house and that he's been here since day one and he's going to win the tournament to prove that.

Match 5: Adam Cole, reDRagon, and The Young Bucks vs The Varsity Blondes, Lee Johnson, Brock Anderson, and Dante Martin.

- The Varsity Blondes land a doubleteam spinebuster on Kyle O'Reilly, The Young Bucks then land a double dropkick to the Varsity Blondes, Lee Johnson then dives to the outside, followed by Dante Martin, which takes out the Undisputed Elite as we go to commercial break.

*Commercial break*

- We are back from commercial as Lee Johnson getd the hot tag but is quickly shutdown by a double superkick from the Young Bucks, Nick then lands a kick on the outside followed by a face buster to Lee Johnson, Matt then jumps over Jack, taking out the opposing team, we then get a four way BTE trigger to Lee Johnson, Followed by the knee to the back of the head of Lee from Adam Cole for the victory.

Winners via pinfall= The Undisputed Elite at 6:31.

- After the match, we see that Santana and Ortiz have been taken out in the parking lot, Eddie Kingston is held by the Jericho Appreciation Society as Jericho shoots a fireball into the eyes of Kingston.

Match 6: Ladder match: TNT title: Sammy Guevara (c) vs Scorpio Sky. 

- The match starts with both men brawling on the outside, Scorpio lands a series of punches on Guevara who is leaning against the barricade, Scorpio then sends Sammy into the barricade back first before grabbing a ladder from the ramp, Sammy goes for a baseball slide but Scorpio counters, slamming the ladder into Guevara. Sammy then delivers a german suplex to Scorpio on the ramp and proceeds to do snow angels on the ramp, taunting Scorpio, before slamming him back first against the barricade, Sammy goes the title but Scorpio stops him and quickly grabs the ladder but Guevara grabs him and slams him on the mat, Guevara then jumps off the ladder with a modified corkscrew to Scorpio, landing awkward on his shoulder as we go go commercial break.

*Commercial break*

- We are back from commercial break as we see Scorpio slowly climbing the ladder, Sammy then jumps from another ladder but is hit with a diamond cutter in mid-air by Scorpio, Scorpio then pulls out a ladder covered in barbed wire, Guevara then lands a standing spanish Fly onto the barbed wire ladder, Sammy then grabs Lambert, who is hit with a lowbrow by Tay Conti, Paige VanZant then comes out and brawls in the corner with Conti as Scorpio punches away at Guevara, Conti lands a puntkick on Paige, Conti and Guevara then make out in the ring and both grab the barbed wire ladder, Scorpio tries to climb the ladder but Conti jumps on his back, Paige VanZant climbs on top of Guevara and both brawl at the top of the ladder, VanZant and Conti take each other out with kicks, Scorpio then bites the finger of Guevara on top of the ladder, Guevara goes to grab the title but Scorpio pushes over the ladder, Sending Guevara into the barbed wire ladder back first, Guevara runs up the ladder one last time but Scorpio pushes him off the ladder and grabs the title for the victory.

Winner and NEW TNT champion: Scorpio Sky at 14:06.

- Kazarian comes out to celebrate with Scorpio Sky as we go off the air.