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AEW Dynamite Results for May 25, 2022

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

AEW Dynamite
May 25th, 2022
The Michelob Ultra Arena at Mandalay Bay
Las Vegas, Nevada

Welcome to our live coverage of AEW Dynamite, which is emanating from the Michelob Ultra Arena in Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas Nevada. Which will also serve as the go-home show for The Double Or Nothing PPV. Announced for tonight's show, FTR will defend their ROH tag team championships against Roppongi Vice, Toni Storm will battle Britt Baker in an Owen Hart Foundation Tournament semifinal match, Samoa Joe will battle Kyle O'Reilly in an Owen Hart Foundation Tournament semifinal match, Jungle Boy will take on Ricky Starks and Swerve Strickland in a triple threat match, AEW world champion "Hangman" Adam Page will come face-to-face with his challenger CM Punk, and Wardlow will battle Shawn Spears inside a Steel Cage!

Match 1: Steel Cage match: Wardlow vs Shawn Spears

- MJF makes his entrance, MJF will host as the special referee. MJF pats down Wardlow but he can't find the key to the headcuffs, Spears then attacks Wardlow with punches and kicks in the corner, MJF then lands a series of punches and kicks to Wardlow, Wardlow goes for a comeback but MJF rakes the eyes, MJF and Spears then both shoulder tackle Wardlow into the steel cage, Wardlow then lands a backbody drop on Spears followed by a big boot, Wardlow then breaks out of the handcuffs before delivering a series of closelines on Spears, Wardlow then throws Spears into the cage, Wardlow then lands a swanton from the top rope, Wardlow goes for a pin but MJF refuses to count, Wardlow goes for a powerbomb on Spears but MJF kicks him with a lowblow, Spears lands the C4 and MJF fast counts but Wardlow kicks out at 2. Spears then goes out the cage door and gets a steel chair, Spears goes to hit Wardlow in the head with the steel chair but Wardlow moves out of the way, causing Spears to blast MJF in the head with the chair, Wardlow then lands three powerbombs on Spears, a new referee comes out, Wardlow then lands another powerbomb to Spears, this time on a steel chair for the pinfall victory.

Winner via Pinfall victory: Wardlow at 6:52 

- After the match, Wardlow takes out the security guards, Wardlow powerbombs one of the guards against the steel cage. MJF looks terrified on the ramp as Wardlow celebrates on top of the cage.

- We see The Jericho Appreciation Society arriving, they say that Sunday they will show the Blackpool Combat Club that sports entertainment can be violent, they find a staff member whos a fan of the Blackpool Combat Club and shoot a fireball in his face.

- Tony Schiavone is in the ring to host the face-to-face between CM Punk and AEW world champion, "Hangman" Adam Page. CM Punk is the first man out, followed by Adam Page. Punk says that its safe to say that the biggest moment of his career happened here in Las Vegas, Punk plans on walking in the challenger and walking out the world champion, Page says that there's nothing he can do that will take the championship away from him, Punk asks Page why he's taking all of this so seriously, Punk says this is just business and not personal, Page says that right now he's going to humiliate and embarrass Punk, Page says he imagined lighting a pipebomb and blowing it up in Punk's face, Page says that in this moment he can't do it, not because he's afraid of getting fired but he realized its exactly what Punk would do, Page says that he doesn't have any respect for Punk and what he's done since he's got here, Page says that Punk has shown the complete opposite of workers rights since he's gotten here, Page says that Sunday he will be defending All Elite Wrestling from Punk, Punk says if Page is so upset about him being here, he has to do something about it, Punk says he paved the road and the house he built was made from lumber from trees that he chopped down, Punk then tells Page that he's going to shake his hand right now, Page then punches CM Punk down, CM Punk laughs while sitting down as Adam Page leaves up the ramp.

- We get a video package highlighting the upcoming match between Jade Cargill and Anna Jay for the TBS championship at Double Or Nothing.

- The Jericho Appreciation Society make their entrance, Chris Jericho cuts off the music, Jericho says that Las Vegas isn't good enough to sign his entrance music.

Match 2: Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston vs Private Party

- Eddie Kingston attacks Isiah Kassidy on the ramp as Moxley attacks Marq Quen, Eddie then lands a series of punches to Quen in the corner, Eddie then lands an underhook suplex on Quen, Moxley and Eddie then land a running closeline to Quen in the corner, Quen is then able to land an enzuigiri on Moxley, Private Party then double team Moxley in the corner; Moxley lands a rotating suplex on Kassidy as we go to commercial break.

*Commercial break*

- We are back from commercial as we see Moxley land a german suplex on Quen, Quen then lands a spinning kick on Moxley, Kassidy then jumps over the top, taking out Eddie, as Quen jumps over the top rope, taking out Moxley, Kassidy lands a stunner on Moxley followed by a top rope shooting star press from Quen for a nearfall, Moxley counters the silly string as both Moxley and Eddie club away at Private Party, Eddie makes Kassidy tap as Moxley pins Quen for the victory after landing the paradigm shift.

Winners via pinfall: Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston at 7:22.

- After the match, The Blackpool Combat Club and The Jericho Appreciation Society brawl, Bryan Danielson lands an uppercut on Jericho, Jericho tires to use a chair but officials break them up, Jericho taunts in the ring but Danielson attacks him in the ring, Jericho takes out the knee of Bryan before retreating through the crowd.

- We get a video package highlighting the upcoming matches between Kyle O'Reilly, Samoa Joe, Britt Baker, and Toni Storm in the Owen Hart foundation tournament.

Match 3: ROH Tag titles: FTR (c) vs Roppongi Vice

- The match starts off with Cash Wheeler and Rocky Romero, both men lock up and exchange armbars, Rocky takes down Cash with a headlock, Rocky then lands two shoulder tackles to Wheeler, Rocky rolls up Cash but only gets a two count, Rocky goes for an armbar but Cash leaves the ring, Dax then comes in and lands a shoulder tackle, Trent and Cash then exchange stiff chops in the corner, Trent then sends Cash crashing into the corner with a strong Irish whip, Dax then picks up Cash for a double team legdrop on Trent for a two count, Rocky then lands a suplex on Cash, Rocky goes for the pin but Cash reaches the bottom rope as we go to commercial break.

*Commercial break*

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- We are back from commercial as we see Rocky locking in a headlock on Cash, Cash is then able to counter with a side suplex, Dax comes in and lands a series of punches on Trent and Rocky, Trent then sends Cash chest first into the corner, Trent lands a german suplex, Trent then turns it around and lands a german suplex of his own, Dax then lands another german suplex and a pin but Rocky makes the save, Roppongi Vice then lands a double team jumping knee on Dax, Rocky then lands a jumping knee to Dax as Dax is leaning on the middle of the top rope, Rocky then lands a running knee for a nearfall, Trent and Dax then exchange a series of rollups and nearfalls, Roppongi Vice then hit the strong zero on Dax, they go for the pin but Cash makes the save, The United Empire then attack causing the disqualification.

Winners via disqualification and STILL ROH Tag team champions, FTR at 10:26.

- Jeff Cobbs lands a powerbomb to Cash through the time keepers table, Tomoyuki Oka then claws Dax by the head and slams him through a table from the apron.

- The Hardy Bros calls the Young Bucks cosplayers, The Hardy's say they are better than the Young Bucks and they will delete The Young Bucks at Double Or Nothing, The Hardy's say that they will submit their legacy as the greatest tag team of all time when they win the AEW tag titles.

Match 4: Ricky Starks vs Jungle Boy vs Swerve Strickland

- The match starts off with Ricky Starks retreating, Swerve and Jungle Boy go to shake hands but Ricky pushes them into each other, Swerve then lands a tilt-a-whirl on Starks, Jungle Boy then lands a dropkick on Swerve, Jungle Boy throws Ricky but Ricky goes under the ringpost and lands a closeline on Jungle Boy, Ricky then jumps off the apron with a boot to the face of Jungle Boy as we go to commercial break.

*Commercial break*

- We are back from commercial as we see Ricky and Swerve brawling on the apron, Jungle Boy then lands a jumping hurricarana onto Ricky from the apron, Jungle Boy then lands an Olympic slam on Ricky Starks for a nearfall, Swerve then sends Jungle Boy crashing into the turnbuckle chest first, all three men then go to the top, Ricky is sent to the outside, Jungle Boy goes a poison hurricarana onto Swerve from the top rope but Swerve lands on his feet, Ricky then lands a superkick, Ricky lands a Michinoku driver on Jungle Boy before going for a pin as Swerve breaks up the pin, Swerve then lands an uppercut on Starks, Starks thumbs Swerve in the eye and lands the running reverse powerslam, Jungle Boy then locks Ricky into the Snare trap but Ricky reaches the bottom rope, Jungle Boy pulls hum back to the middle but Swerve lands the running kick on Jungle Boy, Swerve then lands a footstomp from the top onto Ricky for the pinfall victory.

Winner via pinfall: Swerve Strickland at 9:35.

- After the match, Powerhouse Hobbs attacks Jungle Boy, Luchasaurus makes the save and attempts to chokeslam Hobbs but Hobbs pushes his hand away, Keith Lee then comes out. Lee and Hobbs exchange punches, Luchasaurus lands the tail whip on Hobbs, Keith Lee then jumps over the top with a corkscrew, taking out Luchasaurus and Powerhouse Hobbs.

- Tony Schiavone is on the ramp, he introduces the AEW women's champion, Thunder Rosa. Rosa says that she's worked hard to earn everything she has and that she's grateful to be champ and she has never complained, which is what champions do, Thunder says that Serena Deeb should start looking into the mirror and blaming herself, Rosa says that on Sunday the war paint comes on.

Match 5: Britt Baker vs Toni Storm

- The match starts off with Toni Storm taking down Britt with a headlock takeover, Toni then takes Britt over with headlock headscissors, Toni then slams Britt shoulder first into the ringpost, Britt then slams Toni face-first against the apron, Britt then slams Toni face-first into the steel steps as we go to commercial break.

*Commercial break*

- We are back from commercial as we see both women exchanging a series of punches, Britt then lands a thrust kick on Toni, Toni then lands a tornado DDT on Britt from the second rope, Storm then lands a running hip attack to Britt in the corner, Storm goes for the storm zero but Britt counters into the air raid crash for a nearfall, Jamie Hayter comes out and causes a distraction, Toni rolls up Britt for a two count, Britt then hits the twisting neckbreaker on Toni for a nearfall, Toni then lands a german suplex on Britt, Toni then knocks Jamie Hayter off the apron, Britt then sits on Toni's chest and goes for the pin, the referee doesn't see that Britt is using the ropes as an advantage, allowing Britt to get the cheap victory.

Winner via pinfall: Britt Baker at 9:04.

Match 6: Samoa Joe vs Kyle O'Reilly 

- The match starts off with Kyle kicking away at the legs of Joe, Joe then attacks Kyle with a series of punches and a kick to the chest, Joe then takes down Kyle with a single leg but Kyle gets to the ropes, Joe then lands a chop to a running O'Reilly, Kyle then goes for an armlock but Joe turns it into a bodyslam, followed by a kick to the chest and a jumping elbow for a nearfall, Joe then lands a suplex on Kyle, Kyle O'Reilly then lands a jumping knee to the chest of Joe, followed by an armwriner, Joe then lands a leg wringer to Joe in the ropes, Kyle lands a series of kicks to Joe, Joe then lands a chop to the corner of Kyle, Kyle O'Reilly then lands a series of punches on Joe in the ring as we go to commercial break.

*Commercial break*

- We are back from commercial as we see Kyle landing a series of forearms and elbows to the face of Joe, Joe lands an inverted atomic drop, followed by a big boot and a senton for a nearfall, Joe then lands a lariat on Kyle in the middle of the ring for a nearfall, Kyle then lands a series of boots to Samoa in the corner, Joe then locks Kyle in a headlock for the submission victory.

Winner via submission: Samoa Joe at 12:37

- Adam Cole comes at stares down Joe from the entrance ramp as we go off the air.