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AEW Dynamite Results for May 4th, 2022

AEW Dynamite
May 4th, 2022
Chesapeake Employers Insurance Arena
Baltimore, Maryland

Welcome to our live coverage of AEW Dynamite, which is emanating from the Chesapeake Employers Insurance Arena in Baltimore, Maryland. Announced for tonight’s show, The Varsity Blondes have challenged The House Of Black to a tag team match, The Blackpool Combat Club will take on the team of The Butcher, The Blade, and Angelico, ROH women’s champion Deonna Purrazzo will challenge the interim ROH women’s champion Mercedes Martinez to determine who is the undisputed ROH women’s champion, Rey Fenix will battle Dante Martin in an Owen Hart Foundation Tournament qualifying match, Jeff Hardy will battle Bobby Fish in an Owen Hart Foundation Tournament qualifying match, Chris Jericho will go to war with Santana, Wardlow will face off against MJF’s mystery opponent, and the AEW world champion Hangman Adam Page will make his return!

– Adam Cole makes his entrance to start the show, Cole will be joining the announce table for Bobby Fish vs Jeff Hardy.

Match 1: Jeff Hardy vs Bobby Fish

– The match starts off with Jeff landing a couple of chop blocks to the arm of Fish, followed by a hiptoss for the one count, Jeff lands a series of shoulder blocks to the midsection of Fish in the corner, Fish is able to get Jeff in the corner before delivering a series of kicks to the knee of Hardy followed by a dragon screw, Fish is then able to land a dragon screw to Jeff on the outside, sending Jeff crashing into the barricade, we see Sting and Darby Allin watching in the rafters as we go to commercial break.

*Commercial break*

– We are back from commercial as Jeff Hardy lands a kick to the chest of Bobby Fish, sending both men down, Jeff is then able to land a jawbreaker on Fish, Fish gets up and lands a kick to the side of Jeff’s head, Jeff comes back with an elbow, followed by the Manhattan drop and an inverted atomic drop, Jeff goes to the top for the Swanton but Fish kicks his legs from under him, Fish then lands a top rope falcon arrow for the nearfall, Fish then locks in a knee bar submission but Jeff is able to reach the bottom rope, Hardy is then able to land whispers in the wind, followed by a Swanton bomb for the victory, officially qualifying for the Owen Hart foundation tournament!

Winner via pinfall: Jeff Hardy at 10:10

– After the match, The Young Bucks come to the ring and stare down The Hardy Bros.

– William Regal says that The Blackpool Combat Club would rather cut you on the face as opposed to stabbing you because you will remember the scars.

Match 2: The Blackpool Combat Club vs The Butcher, The Blade, and Angelico.

– Before the match starts, The Butcher attacks Moxley on the outside as the rest of the men start to brawl, the match officially starts with The Blade gaining the upperhand on Bryan before tagging in Angelico, Bryan lands kicks to the chest of Angelico, followed by a series of chops in the corner, Bryan then lands a running dropkick to Angelico in the corner. Wheeler Yuta and The Blade come in with Yuta getting the better of the two with an armdrag, Yuta tries to fight the Butcher but is distracted by Angelico, The Butcher lands a running standing splash on Yuta as we go to commercial break.

*Commercial break*

– We are back from commercial as Yuta lands a german suplex on The Butcher, Yuta is able to get the hot tag to Moxley, who then sends the Blade over the top rope via closeline, Moxley then sending The Blade into the barricade and steel steps, Moxley hits a cutter on the Blade, Butchers tries to get involved by Moxley rakes his eyes, Bryan lands a dropkick from the top rope on Angelico, followed by a series of kicks to the check. Bryan then locks in the dragon sleeper, causing Angelico to tap out.

Winners via submission: The Blackpool Combat Club at 7:42

– Tony Schiavone interviews Ricky Starks and Powerhouse Hobbs, Jurassic Express and Christian Cage quickly interrupt, Jungle boy says that he wants a shot at the FTW championship before they get a shot at the tag titles, Starks accepts his challenge for next week.

– Tony Schiavone interviews Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland, Swerve says that Starks and Powerhouse still have unfinished business with them, Lee says that they will have no choice but to Swearve in their glory.

– Wardlow once again makes his entrance without Music, MJF says that he’s going to watch the match in the back so he doesn’t have to look at the fans, MJF thens introduces Wardlows opponent, W. Morrissey

Match 3: Wardlow vs W. Morrissey

– The match starts out with both men locking up, Morrissey lands a series of stiff blows to thr back of Wardlow, followed by a running splash im the corner, Wardlow turns it around and lands a series of shoulder blocks in the corner. Morrissey then sends Wardlow over the top rope by landing a closeline as the crowd chants “we want Enzo, no we don’t chants,” Morrissey slams Wardlow face first into the ring post, Morrissey then slams Wardlow’s face into the apron multiple times, Morrissey is then able to land a sideslam for a nearfall, Morrissey then puts Wardlow on the top rope but Wardlow elbows him off and lands a standing moonsault on Morrissey, Wardlow then hits Morrissey with a powerbomb for the victory.

Winner via pinfall: Wardlow at 5:30

– After the match, the guards come in the ring to handcuff Wardlow but Wardlow takes them out, Shawn Spears and MJF call out more security guards but Wardlow makes quick work of them, Wardlow then powerbombs one of the security guards to the outside, taking out the rest of the security, Wardlow says that he won’t stop until he gets his hands on Wardlow, MJF says that he will have a match with Wardlow, if Wardlow wins he’s out of his contract, MJF thens says that he has a couple of conditions that will be revealed in a contract signing next week in Long Island, New York.

– Tony Schiavone is in the ring, he introduces the AEW world champion Hangman Adam Page. Page says that it would be easy to say that he loves and respects Punk, Page says that it would be easy to want an instant classic, Page says at Double Or Nothing there will be no handshake or Bret Hart tribute match, Page then says that he’s going to destroy CM Punk. Page says that after he beats Punk a fan with his merch will run and get a refund, Page then informs us that Punk isn’t here this week due to filming a TV show, Page then says that he’s going to embarrass Punk and that he will be in the fight of his life May 29th.

Match 4: Chris Jericho vs Santana. 

– Before the match starts, Santana attacks Jericho on the ramp, Santana and Jericho then exchange punches outside the ring with Santana getting the better of the two by slamming Jericho into the barricade, Jericho then grabs the camera as Santana flips him off and lands a series of chops to the chest of Jericho, Santana then slams Jericho’s face into the steps, Both men get in the ring, starting the match. Santana is distracted on the apron, allowing Jericho to land a dropkick to Santana, knocking him off the apron and crashing into the steel steps as we go to commercial break.

*Commercial break*

– We are back from commercial as Jericho climbs to the top, Jericho jumps off the top rope but Santana is able to land a dropkick, sending both men to the mat, Jericho then gets Santana in the corner and lands a series of chops, Jericho goes for the running bulldog but Santana pushes him into the second turnbuckle, Santana is then able to land the three amigos, Santana goes to the top but Jericho also goes to the top, Santana fights Jericho off and lands a frogsplash for the nearfall, Jericho is then able to lock in the Walls of Jericho on Santana, but he is able to reach the bottom rope, Santana then rolls up Jericho but gets a nearfall, Santana and Jericho then exchange a series of stiff chops, Santana is then able to hit Jericho with a rolling diamond cutter for the nearfall, Santana is then able to land a lariat on Jericho for another nearfall, Santana lands a running cannonball to Jericho in the corner, Santana goes for a powerbomb but the JAS distract the ref, Jericho lands a lowball and the Judas effect for the victory.

Winner via pinfall: Chris Jericho at 9:05

– After the match, The Jericho Appreciation Society jump Santana and Ortiz, Jericho drives a bat into the forehead of Ortiz. Jericho and his Appreciation Society then celebrate over a fallen Santana & Ortiz.

– The Gunn Club are backstage, they interrupt the Acclaimed, who are writing their raps, The Gun Club give them presents, which turns out to be scissors, all men then celebrate.

– The Varsity Blondes are in the ring, Brian Pillmam Jr. Says that they are humbled to be standing in the ring and they are humbled by an altercation with The House Of Black, Pillman says what is humbling is seeing everything you work for get destroyed little by little, Pillman says attack each day with enthusiasm unknown to mankind, Pillman says that his group lost their enthusiasm and thats when The House Of Black came in to tear them apart, Pillmam says that he’s enthusiastic to keep his group together and that he wants a fight. The House Of Black then come out and surround The Varsity Blondes. Murphy launches Pillman into Griff Garrison like a longdart, Brody King then lands a cannonball into Garrison in the corner, Malakai Black then tries to force Julia Hart to attack Garrison with the chair but she refuses, Malakai rips off her eye patch but Pac and The Lucha Brothers come to the ring, causing The House Of Black to retreat.

– Jade Cargill, Smart Mark Sterling, and The Baddies are backstage, Red Velvet says that she’s going to win the entire Owen Hart Foundation Tournament.

Match 5: Rey Fenix vs Dante Martin.

– Dante Martin goes for a spinning kick but Fenix counters into a kick of his own, Fenix then runs the ropes and jumps into Dante on the outside as we go to commercial break.

*Commercial break*

– We are back from commercial Fenix lands a jumping spinning kick to Dante in the corner, Fenix then lands a reverse Spanish fly from the second rope for a nearfall, Dante then kicks Fenix off the top rope before hitting a crossbody from the top for a nearfall, Dante then counters Fenix and slams him face first for yet another nearfall, Fenix is then able to land a Frankensteiner for another nearfall, Fenix then lands a powerbomb into a diamond cutter for another nearfall, Dante then lands a superkick to Fenix, Dante goes to the top rope but Fenix attacks; Rey goes for a reverse spanish fly but both men land on their feet, Dante goes to the top but Fenix counters into a sitdown brainbuster for the victory.

Winner via pinfall: Rey Fenix at 9:39

– Darby Allin and Sting are backstage, Darby says that it will be a special night when he faces Jeff Hardy, Sting says that he knows Jeff will pull out all stops and it will be a special night.

– Thunder Rosa comes out on the ramp, she says that everyone has a story to tell and she’s going to tell hers, Rosa says that she’s fought hard to win and retain the title, Rosa says that she’s been the bloodline for the womens division, Rosa says that she wants to wrestle with the best and before she was Thunder Rosa she drove 8 hours to watch Serena Deeb, Serena then makes her entrance, Deeb says that she respects Rosa and that she believes that they can make this the top womens division in the world, but for that to happen she needs to be champ. Serena then says that she’s on another level and is in a class of her own and everyone knows it, Serena says that she bets Rosa will have the shortest reign in AEW history, both women stare off as Serena Deeb vs Thunder Rosa for the womens title is made official for Double or Nothing on May 29th!

Match 6: ROH women’s championship: Deonna Purrazzo (c) vs Interim ROH champion Mercedes Martinez

– Mercedes tries to shake the hand of Deonna but she kicks it away, both women lock up with Deonna getting the better of the two with a headlock, Mercedes goes for a chop in the corner but misses, Deonna then goes for a chop but also misses, Deonna kicks Mercedes in the arm as we go to commercial break.

*Commercial break*

– We are back from commercial as we see Mercedes and Deonna entering the ring at the same time, both ladies then exchange punches with Mercedes landing a german suplex, Deonna is able to land a Russian leg sweep followed by a big boot and a moonsault for the nearfall, Mercedes then lands a knee to the face followed by a fisherman buster for the nearfall, both women then take each other down with a closeline, Mercedes then lands a fireman’s carry followed by a stomp to the back of Deonna’s head, Mercedes is then able to lock in the dragon sleeper, Deonna Purrazzo then taps out!

Winner and UNDISPUTED ROH women’s champion: Mercedes Martinez at 10:34.

– Dynamite ends with Mercedes Martinez celebrating with her newly won ROH women’s championship.



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