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Photo Credit: WrestlingNewsCo composite/WWE/AEW

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AEW is selling more tickets than WWE at the UBS Arena in Long Island, NY

Since the launch of All Elite Wrestling, the promotion has hosted events at smaller venues that would usually have a capacity of 5,000 seats although, for pay-per-view events, some shows would have the capacity of 10,000 seats.

Once AEW returned to live event touring, they’ve picked certain dates to book bigger venues such as the August 20th edition of Rampage in Chicago at the United Center, Illinois for CM Punk’s return to pro wrestling.

AEW will be going to the brand-new UBS Arena in Long Island, NY on Wednesday, December 8 for a live Dynamite and taped edition of Rampage.

WWE is also headed to the arena on November 29th for a live episode of Monday Night Raw. It turns out that All Elite Wrestling is outselling their rival promotion in ticket sales.

Raw has sold only 2,365 tickets, according to WrestleTix. On the flip side, AEW has sold 6,167 tickets. Raw is set up for 7,398 seats while AEW is set up for 8,851. For a percentage breakdown, AEW has sold 70% of their tickets while Raw has only sold 32%.


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