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AEW Rampage Results for April 22nd, 2022

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

AEW Rampage
April 22nd, 2022
Peterson Events Center
Pittsburgh, PA

Welcome to our live coverage of AEW Rampage, which will be taking place in Pittsburgh, PA. For tonight's show, Tony Kahn has announced that Jade Cargill will defend her TBS championship against Marina Shafir, Adam Cole will battle NJPW's Tomohiro Ishii in an Owen Hart Foundation tournament qualifying match, and Eddie Kingston will go to war with Daniel Garcia with the added stipulation that members from The Jericho Appreciation Group are banned from ringside, alone with Santana and Ortiz.

Match 1: Adam Cole vs Tomohiro Ishii.

- We get right into the action as Adam Cole is sent outside from Ishii's elbow, Cole tries to celebrate but Ishii takes him down a stiff chop, Cole runs to the outside but Ishii follows him and delivers chops, Ishii goes for a closeline but Cole counters, sending Ishii into the steel post shoulder first, Cole then slams Ishii back first into the barricade before forcing him back in the ring, Cole then continues to work on the back before locking in a resthold. Cole hits a series of forearms to the face of Ishii, but they have no effect on Ishii, Ishii lays Cole down with one forearm before hitting Cole with a running powerslam, Ishii then hits a side suplex for yet another nearfall, Cole is able to catch Ishii in a fireman's carry before slamming Ishii neck first on his knee as we go to commercial break.

*Commercial break*

- We are back from commercial as Ishii hits a big suplex from the top rope on Cole, Cole goes for his running knee but Ishii counters it into a sliding forearm on the chin for another nearfall, Cole is able to hit a suplex to ishii on his knee for a close nearfall. COle hits a superkick on Ishii but he's unfazed as the two continue to exchange punches with Ishii getting the better of the two with a enzuigiri, Jay White then comes out and takes out Rocky Romero against the steel steps, distracting Ishii, allowing Cole to hit his running knee to the back of the head for the victory.

Winner via pinfall: Adam Cole at 11:18. 

- We see video footage from earlier in the day of the Jericho Appreciation Society trying to enter the building, the group is stopped by security to the dismay of Jericho, Daniel Garcia says that he will take care of Kingston tonight without their help, Jericho storms off while claiming that they are going to contact HR.

- Hook is about to be interviewed before running into Danhausen backstage who is eating chips, Hook pushes him up against the wall and says that he's gotten his attention now.

Match 2: Lance Archer vs Serpentico

- Serpentico starts off the match with a suicide dive that has no effect on Archer, Archer throws him back inside the ring before hitting the blackout for the quick victory.

Winner via pinfall: Lance Archer at 0:33

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- After the match, Archer isn't done as he delivers 3 more chokeslams on Serpentico.

Match 3: Eddie Kingston vs Daniel Garcia 

- Eddie Kingston beats down Garcia on the outside before throwing him into the steel steps, Garcia side-steps Eddie and Eddie slams ribs first into the steel steps, Garcia then sends Eddie back in and works on his torso with heavy knees, Eddie Is able to make a comeback with intense chops, turning Garcia's chest red, Garcia stops his comeback, hitting Eddie with punches in the corner before biting his forehead, Eddie turns it around on him with punches in the corner followed by noting to the ear, Garcia is able to get Eddie outside the ring and he slams him face first into the ring post as we go to commercial break.

*Commercial break*

- We are back from commercial as Eddien and Garcia are taking turns exchanging heavy chops, Garcia gets the better of the exchange, Eddie tries to lock Garcia into a sleeper but Garcia counters into a suplex, Eddie fights back and is able to land a second rope knee to the back of the neck of Garcia, Garcia is then able to lock in a Boston crab which he turns into a sharpshooter, but Eddie is able to reach the ropes. Eddie fights back with an enzuigiri and a suplex for another near fall, Eddie is finally able to land his spinning backfist for the 1,2,3, and the victory for Eddie Kingston.

Winner via pinfall: Eddie Kingston at 12:28.

- After the match, Eddie Kingston appears as if he's about to whip Garcia with his belt but Eddie says that he's saving this beating for Jericho.

- Toni Storm; Britt Baker, and Jamie Hayter are backstage, Toni says that Hayter will see her in in the first round of the Owen tournament.

Match 4: TBS championship: Jade Cargill (c) vs Marina Shafir. 

- Jade outs her hands behind her back, taunting Shafir, Jade is then able to power around Marina with a suplex, followed by a fall-away slam; Jade then closelines Marina outside the ring, Jade pushes her against the barricade as the "baddie" section starts to club away on Marina and throw popcorn at her as Mark Sterling distracts the ref, Jade works on Shafir inside the ring but Shafir is able to lock in a sleephold on Jade; but Jade is able to land another fall-away slam before we go to commercial break.

*Commercial break*

- We back from commercial as Jade has Shafir in a submission; Shafir is able to counter before locking in a knee bar, Jade is able to reach the bottom rope, Shafir then slams Jade's leg into the ring post, Sterling tries to get involved but is quickly slammed on the outside by Shafir; the baddies distract Shafir on the outside by throwing popcorn on her, allowing Jade to deliver a big boot to the face of Shafir, Jade then chokeslams Shafir on the timekeeper's table, Jade goes for a cocky pin but Shafir counters it into another kneebar, Jade gets out of the hold by landing with several kicks to the face, Jade then hits the "Jaded" which allows her to pick up the victory against a game Marina Shafir, Jade celebrates her 30th win as we go off the air.

Winner and still TBS champion via pinfall: Jade Cargill at 11:39.