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AEW Rampage Results for May 27, 2022

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

AEW Rampage
May 27th, 2022
The Michelob Ultra Arena at Mandalay Bay
Las Vegas, Nevada

Welcome to our live coverage of AEW Rampage, which is emanating from the Michelob Ultra Arena in Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas Nevada. With just two nights away from the Double Or Nothing PPV, here's what has been announced for tonight, Scorpio Sky will recieve a new TNT championship after his was stolen and destroyed by Sammy Guevara, Bryan Danielson will take on Matt Sydal, The Young Bucks will be in action just 48 hours before their dream match against The Hardy Bros, and Kris Statlander will battle Ruby Soho in an Owen Hart Foundation Tournament semifinal match!

Match 1; Bryan Danielson vs Matt Sydal 

- The match starts off with both men locking up, Bryan then turns a test of strength into a headlock, followed by a snap mirror and a knee to the face of Sydal, Bryan then goes behind Sydal and locks in a full nelson, Bryan then lands a series of uppercuts on Sydal, followed by a a roll-through Mexican surfboard, Sydal then lands a jumping side kick to the face of Bryan, followed by a standing moonsault as we go to commercial break.

*Commercial break*

- We are back from commercial as we see Bryan land another snap mirror and a knee to the face of Sydal, Sydal then lands a raising knee strike following by a rolling kick, Sydal then lands a series of forearms, Sydal then jumps at Bryan but Bryan catches him, Sydal counters it and lands a hurricarana for a nearfall, Sydal then goes to the top but Bryan meets him at the top with a punch, Sydal then pushes Bryan off and lands the meteora, but Bryan is able to turn it into a single leg boston crab, followed by a heel hook, but Sydal is able to reach the bottom rope, Bryan then lands a series of kicks to the chest of Sydal, Bryan then places Sydal on the top rope, Bryan goes for a backsuplex from the top but Sydal counters it into a sunset flip powerbomb, both men then exchange a series of uppercuts and punches, Sydal backslides Bryan for a nearfall, Bryan then lands a knee to the face of Sydal, followed by a series of stiff elbows and a headlock submission for the victory.

- We get a video package highlighting the upcoming match between Hook and Danhausen vs Smart Mark Sterling and Tony Nese at the Double Or Nothing PPV.

- The Young Bucks comes out dressed as The Hardys, with the Hardys music and Gangrel as their manager.

Winner via submission: Bryan Danielson at 11:03

Match 2: The Young Bucks vs Jon Cruz and Taylor Rust.

- Nick Jackson and Cruz start off the match, Nick lands the double legdrop to the mid-section of Cruz, The Young Bucks then do poetry and motion in the corner, Nick then holds Cruz, allowing Matt to land a top rope elbow, Taylor gets the hot tag and lands a kick to the stomach of Matt, The Young Bucks then land a double superkick on Taylor, The then land a twist of fate on Cruz, Nick Jackson then hits the Swanton on Cruz for the pinfall victory.

Winners via pinfall: The Young Bucks at 2:37

- After the match, The Young Bucks attack Gangrel, Young Bucks attempt the BTE trigger on Gangrel but The Hardy Bros make their entrance, Matt and Jeff both go for twist of fates but Brandon Cutler makes the save, Gangrel then kicks Cutler and lands a DDT, followed by a twist of fate from Matt and a Swanton from Jeff.

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- Darby Allin blames Kyle O'Reilly for Sting's injury, Darby then challenges O'Reilly to a fight in two nights at The Double Or Nothing PPV.

Match 3: Dante Martin vs Max Caster

- Dante Martin tries to jump the gun but Billy Gunn slams Dante ribs first into the apron, Austin Gunn then slams Dante in the steel steps, as the match starts, Aubrey Edwards sends everyone to the back, Caster goes for a pin on Dante for only a two count as we go to commercial break.

*Commercial break*

- We are back from commercial as we see Max land a backsuplex on Dante, Max then goes for a double footstomp from the top rope but Dante rolls out of the way, Dante rolls up Caster for a nearfall before landing a series of elbow strikes, Dante then lands a crossbody from the top rope but is only able to secure a nearfall, Dante then lands a moonsault onto Max for the pinfall victory.

Winner via pinfall: Dante Martin at 6:13.

- We get a video package highlighting Samoa Joe vs Adam Cole in the finals of The Owen Hart foundation tournament.

- Dan Lambert, Scorpio Sky, and Ethan Page, Lambert says that all AEW fans have acne and a girlfriend who wears shirts double the size of CM Punk, Ethan Page then introduces the new TNT title to Scorpio Sky. Sammy Guevara and Tay Conti show up on the screen, Tay, Sammy, and Kazarian break into the American Top Team gym, Sammy then smashes one of the glass viles, Sammy and Kazarian then take all the titles, including the UFC BMF championship and a UFC world championship. Scorpio challenges them to a trios match at Double Or Nothing, and if Scorpio's team wins, Sammy Guevara never gets a TNT championship match.

Match 4: Kris Statlander vs Ruby Soho

- The match starts off with Kris Statlander taking down Soho with a headlock, Ruby then goes for a German suplex but Kris throws her off, Ruby goes to punch Kris but hesitates, Kris then lands an elbow, Ruby retaliates with a kick to the knee, Kris then lands a closeline as we go to commercial break.

*Commercial break*

- We are back from commercial as we see Kris lift Ruby up on the top rope in a fireman's carry, Ruby then lands a hurricarana from the top rope, Kris then catches Ruby and lands a powerbomb for a nearfall, Kris tries to pick up Ruby but her shoulder gives out, Ruby then lands the no future but Kris rolls to the outside, Ruby then lands a hurricarana onto Kris from the apron, Ruby then lands a armwringer to Kris from the second rope, but Kris is able to get her leg on the bottom rope. Ruby then goes for a reverse hurricarana but Kris slams her into the turnbuckle, followed by a german suplex and the big bang theory for a close nearfall, Ruby then kicks the knee of Kris and rolls her up for the pinfall victory.

Winner via pinfall: Ruby Soho at 10:06.

- Britt Baker then comes out with a mic, Ruby tells her that everyone has been listening to her for two years and no one wants to hear it anymore, Ruby says that she has to win whatever way possible, Ruby says that on Sunday she is going to hurt Britt real bad, Ruby says that at Double Or Nothing she's cashing in that reciet on Britt as Rampage goes off the air.