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Once again, Andrade El Idolo has people talking on social media because some of his recent Twitter activity seems to hint that he's unhappy with the direction of his character on AEW television.

Andrade appeared in a backstage segment this week on AEW Dynamite but he retweeted this from a fan:

"So many are injured

There was a "Hurricane" also ,

Still AEW didn't Let Andrade Wrestle😌

He was there in the same backstage segment for the 1000th time"

A tweet sent out on Thursday afternoon by Andrade included the hashtag #FreeElIdolo.

There are some fans that feel that he's just trolling but this is not the first time Andrade has expressed frustration at not being featured enough.

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Last month, Andrade "liked" the following tweet:

"@TonyKhan signed @ToBeMiro to @AEW away from rival organization just to have him do what exactly? Didn't think I'd miss the day would come that I miss #RusevDay. He's been used worse with yall that he was in WWE. Same goes with @AndradeElIdolo"