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AEW stars were mentioned during the WWE Draft episode of Friday Night SmackDown



Some of you may have missed it but there was a reference to two AEW wrestlers during the WWE Draft episode of Friday Night SmackDown.

Edge went out to the ring to confront Seth Rollins in the ring but Rollins revealed that he was not at SmackDown and he was actually at Edge and Beth Phoenix's North Carolina home.

Edge told his wife that she should not go to the house and just go to her brother's house. He then that "Daniel and David" are on the way. This was a reference to AEW tag team FTR. David is the real first name of Dax Harwood and Daniel is Cash Wheeler.

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Dax played into the reference with this tweet: "I’ll go over there right now & beat his little bitchass."

Dax and Cash are close friends of Edge and they live nearby. Edge also trained with them to get back in shape before coming out of retirement at the 2020 Royal Rumble.

WWE doesn't like to mention the competition so this may have been something that Edge snuck in on his own or Vince McMahon may have seen no harm in mentioning them by their real name since most fans won't get the reference.