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AEW wrestler exchanges words with WWE star on Twitter

There was an interesting exchange between WWE star Lacey Evans and AEW talent Brian Cage on Twitter.

It all started over who does the springboard moonsault better as Cage sent out a clip of him doing the move. This led to a fan accusing Cage of stealing the move from Evans, who has used it on television.

He responded by writing, “was doing it before she new wwf was wwe now.” The tweet has since been deleted. This got fans talking so Evans decided to have some fun by correcting Cage’s spelling.

Cage addressed the fan stating that he was stealing the move from Evans and the response by the WWE star.

He wrote, “@LaceyEvansWWE I wasn’t going to edit and even almost paid you a compliment. Until I read the rest of your tweet. And my stance remains the same. Still did it years before you(your 4 years in the biz) and I’m also sure you didn’t KNOW it was WWE then [face throwing a kiss emoji]”

Evans fired back and they went back and forth a few times. You can see the full exchange below including some comments by ROH star Flip Gordon.


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