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AEW's Tony Khan responds to CM Punk with a jab at WWE's Saudi Arabia issues

CM Punk Tony Khan

As noted earlier, CM Punk is teasing that he will give his thoughts on today's wrestling scene and he tagged Vince McMahon and Tony Khan, which strongly implies that he will mention them on WWE Backstage. Punk also tagged some of the Backstage crew including Renee Young, Booker T, and Paige.

Punk apparently will be allowed to give his honest thoughts on the wrestling business. Prior to signing his deal with FOX Sports, he said in interviews that he would want to be unfiltered and apparently, unless someone intervenes, that is what will happen tomorrow night.

Khan has responded to Punk's tweet: "No one is safe? Sounds like a plane full of wrestlers in Saudi Arabia!"

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I don't see how any of this helps WWE since mentioning AEW on a WWE-related show can only help draw more eyeballs to All Elite Wrestling shows. From what I was told, WWE does not have any input on the subject matter of the show although they did give their blessing when FOX decided to pursue a deal with Punk.

Punk's official debut as a correspondent on WWE Backstage is tomorrow night at 11 pm eastern on Fox Sports 1. It should be a very newsworthy show. Also announced for tomorrow's episode of WWE Backstage - former WCW Champion David Arquette will take part in the "promo school" segment.

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