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Aiden English comments on SmackDown Live win over Randy Orton



The WWE record book is full of amusing tidbits. But you can lock it away in your brain for future trivia needs that Aiden English defeated Randy Orton on the 2017 Fourth Of July episode of SmackDown Live. Albeit the victory was via disqualification, but a win is a win no matter how you chalk it up.

Of course this won't hurt Randy Orton's chances at the WWE Championship as he prepares to face Jinder Mahal in a Punjabi Prison Match at Battleground. Therefore the third encounter of this highly anticipated and equally mocked gimmick match is still taking place as planned.

If anything Randy Orton ending the match with a ZFG approach kind of elevated him in a way. Randy showed a true blase attitude toward winning as he just wanted to cause damage. It also gave the Indian market the chance to spin Orton's actions as being heelish. After all, Randy Orton is facing India's Hero in The Modern Day Maharaja where Jinder is a top babyface. Therefore Randy Orton could have looked like a total bad guy if you planted those seeds via commentary.

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Aiden English recently commented on his DQ victory over Randy Orton by saying "like it or not... that is a W." Randy Orton is a multi-time WWE Champion and shoo-in for the WWE Hall Of Fame and he now has a loss against Aiden English on his record.

The Drama King wanted to make it very clear he won the match and the way he won doesn't matter. He said anyone who doesn't like it can "eat your hearts out" and that's exactly what they'll do.

Only time will tell if Aiden English will ever get the actual push that was rumored for him after his partnership with Simon Gotch went south. But for now this is a pretty good sign, at least on paper that WWE has some kind of plan for Aiden English.