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Aiden English on WWE character - "I wish people would have listened to me"



Former WWE Superstar Aiden English recently appeared on Chris Van Vliet's podcast. The 'Drama King' would discuss a number of topics from his WWE career, including the Vaudevillians, FCW, Rusev Day and his time behind the commentary desk.

One of the topics raised by Van Vliet centered around the on screen character of Aiden English. English would describe how he wanted to take the character on a 'darker' path.

"That's one of the things I wish I would have gotten more of an opportunity with and to be fair it's something I wish I would have fought harder for" English began. "I had ideas for sure about ways I wanted to take that character and stuff. I had established the 'Drama King' and everything but I wanted to make it a little bit more...everyone is always talking about being like 'darker' and 'more serious' and like I think that's lazy, but I wanted to flesh it out and wanted to be a little bit more threatening."

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English elaborated further, saying how he wanted to give the character a more screwloose direction: "I wanted it to be a little bit more maybe screwloose? Something that would have been more intriguing. But my big thing was I wanted to be a tortured artist. Someone who couldn't stand the fact that his ultimate masterpiece wasn't realised or whatever. It could never be realised and then driven mad by that kind of thing."

English by finish by saying how he needed to take the ideas to the upper echelons of management, and regrets not doing so. "I had all these ideas for vignettes and I pushed them to some people. But as often happens you know it's a constantly moving thing and it falls on deaf ears. or people who were too scared to pitch it themselves. So that's what I wish I would have done. I wish people would have listened to me, but I also wish I would have taken a little bit more initiative to go to the top brass. So that's one lesson that I took away from that."

With Aiden English now on the independent scene alongside the likes of Rusev, there could an opportunity for the former on-screen partners to link up. There's also some scope for English to develop the 'tortured artist' character that he discussed in the interview. A dream match against PROGRESS' Cara Noir could be on the cards?