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Aiden English takes shot at Luke Harper but says the spotlight is always on him

aiden english

Aiden English is a WWE superstar with a lot of potential. Fans used to love his opera singer gimmick in NXT. Well, they more despised it but that's what The Drama King was going for. He's a heat drawing magnet and a former NXT Tag Team Champion because of that.

We won't bring up his partner Simon Gotch (Grimm) because we all know what happened to him. Things weren't working out and the Vaudevillains just weren't on track. It's kind of sad for former NXT Tag Team Champions not to get over. But to be honest, things just weren't working out. Either Simon flipped out backstage after he flipped his chair at catering or not, depending on what you believe. The fact is Aiden English is now making it on his own. Okay, we did bring up Gotch a little bit but let's get back to talking about Aiden.

Whether it's the fact someone in WWE creative still believes in Aiden English or he's in a Guerrero Family being married to Eddie and Vickie's daughter Shaul Guerrero, but Aiden English is still doing his thing. He was rumoured for a singles push and he really deserves it. English has gone back to his former opera singing gimmick and is back to drawing heat in the spotlight like he used to. Elias Samson has started doing a similar gimmick on the main roster though only it's with an acoustic guitar. Since everyone hates a bad song on an acoustic guitar that gimmick seems to be working like gangbusters. Let's just hope Aiden English is able to get the same shot on SmackDown Live.

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Aiden English has noticed his absence from the SmackDown Live show and decided to pick a fight with Luke Harper who gets more screen time. He recently threw some shade at Luke Harper by posting a collage of Harper saying WWE is in a sad state of affairs. A fan tweeted back at Aiden English telling him he thought the spotlight should always be on him. English had a quick reply saying the spotlight was always on him.