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Aiden English talks pressure of being a member of the Guerrero family



Former WWE Superstar Aiden English recently appeared on Chris Van Vliet’s podcast. The ‘Drama King’ would discuss a number of topics from his WWE career, including the Vaudevillians, FCW, Rusev Day and his time behind the commentary desk.

One of the topics raised by Van Vliet centered around English's marriage. The former WWE Superstar is married to Shaul Guerrero, who is the daughter of legendary performer Eddie Guerrero and Vicky Guerrero. Van Vliet would ask English what it was like having 'married into' the Guerrero family, and if he felt any pressure as a wrestler who is part of the iconic Guerrero dynasty.

"That's another weird question, you're not the first to ask" English began. "Vicky [Guerrero] had me on her show [Excuse Me: The Vicky Guerrero show] not too long ago and she kind of asked a similar thing. It was really weird coming from her to ask that question!"

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English would then reveal that he does feel some pressure being part of the family. "So a little bit of pressure. But for me? I try I never really think of it. I just, I don't, I'm not saying I haven't. Of course there's a little kid inside of me who's a huge fan of the Guerrero family and so I know that's kind of a neat thing. But to me? it all comes down to...I've said it before, I just fell in love with a girl who happened to have a famous last name."

The former WWE Superstar would finish by discussing his relationship with Shaul. "She's all I care about in our relationship, [the family name] never really had much to do with that at all. And so for me it was just about us, and all that was just an extra. so I don't think of it in terms like that."

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