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Airport witness: Paige screamed that Alberto had been "doing coke for two-days straight"



More details surrounding the incident between Paige and Alberto El Patron at an Orlando airport on Sunday are coming out through witness statements. spoke with the woman who filmed the audio that got out to TMZ on Monday and gave details on what she said that she saw and heard at the airport. The woman, who was at the airport to drop off her mother-in-law, says that she saw Paige at a restaurant close to the terminal entrance and says that the claim made about throwing a drink at Alberto is "completely false." The claim about the drink being thrown was made by Paige on Twitter in an attempt to downplay the domestic violence story. That claim was made before the audio leaked out to TMZ and before the police contradicted Paige's claim that the incident involved a third party.

The witness said that Alberto "reeked" of alcohol when he was chasing Paige at the airport and says that Paige yelled that Alberto had been "doing coke for two-days straight" and called him "abusive."

The witness claims that "They were arguing back and forth, screaming at each other." Again, that contradicts Paige's story on Twitter and sounds like the reports from a couple of weeks ago that claimed that they were arguing at Universal Studios. The couple broke up on June 26 but got together a few days later.

The witness also said that Paige yelled at Alberto, "You’re so abusive to me." The witness said that Paige looked upset while she was speaking on the phone with someone. That's when the witness discreetly took a photo of Paige (see below). Paige eventually came out of the restaurant "crying and yelling" and Alberto was visibly "soaked" in liquid as he chased after her as she ran towards a nearby tram system.

The witness says that Paige was also saying, "You’re such an abusive husband, I hate you. You’ve ruined my life, you’ve ruined my career." The argument continued while on the tram car as Del Rio allegedly said, "Check her bag, she’s got all the coke in it, it’s all hers." After that is when the witness started recording on her phone (Click here to listen to the audio).

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The witness says that what she gathered, it sounded like the argument started because of something inflammatory said by Alberto regarding one of Paige's family members.

“From what I gather, he said something like, ‘I hope your f***ing uncle dies tomorrow, and grabs her wrist because he was mad she was on the phone for so long,” the witness said. “They wanted to leave, so he got mad and grabbed her wrist. She got upset and threw water on him and she ran out.”

The witness said that she just wanted to help at that point and stayed with Paige and asked if she needed assistance.

On Monday afternoon, Paige sent out the following tweet about her Uncle Stanley:

As of this writing, there has been no statement from WWE (Paige is still under contract with them) and GFW has said that they are doing their own investigation but, at this point, the pressure is on them to take action on Alberto.

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