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AJ Lee and Paige tried to get WWE to book them in a Hell in a Cell match

AJ Lee was interiewed by's Matt Fowler to promote tomorrow's Hell in a Cell pay-per-view. Earlier this month there were rumors that there would be a Divas match inside the cell. That is not happening but AJ and Paige did lobby for the match. AJ said the following:

Trust me, we were very vocal about wishing that was possible. And trying to make that happen. We really were. Especially Paige, because she's down for any of that stuff. The really cool thing too was that we've been kind of smashing each other all over the place already. On the stage, and then she pushed me off the stage. And the announce table. The barricade. The post. Things that girls actually hadn't done in so long. So we were surprised that we were trusted with that in the first place. It seems like they'd trust us to take it to the next level and we kind of wished we could.

She was also asked about a potential match with Stephanie McMahon. She seemed open to the idea but it would have to be something different and very unique and something that would have to make a mark and add to history.

She also talks about fans dressing like her, comic books, working a long storyline with Paige, and tons more.

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