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AJ Lee reportedly had heat with other Divas; Real reason why she left WWE

There was some speculation in the past week that AJ Lee may have retired due to pregnancy. The speculation stemmed from photos of Bayley and her joking around during WrestleMania weekend about AJ being pregnant. That’s actually not the case and the two were just joking. Actually, the reason why she retired is not much of a shocker and most people could have figured it out. The whole situation between the company and CM Punk and company doctor Chris Amann suing Punk made for an awkward situation at work so that is why she decided it was time to leave.

There was actually some question as to whether she would return after she took time off in December to heal up from a neck injury. The time when she took time off came just a few weeks after Punk ripped on the company on Colt Cabana’s podcast. In January I was sent a copy of local advertising that listed her as returning for a live event in New Jersey but that never happened so the company did expect her back but AJ kept delaying the return noting that she had not healed up yet. Then just before she made her return in March she blasted Stephanie McMahon on twitter over how the women are paid versus how the men are paid. AJ called out Stephanie on twitter after Stephanie praised Patricia Arquette’s speech at the Academy Awards where Arquette talked about how women should receive equal pay and equal opportunities as men.

Stephanie was said to be furious at AJ’s tweet but Vince McMahon was the voice of reason and noted that a public argument would not be good for the company. Instead, Stephanie thanked AJ in a tweet and never referenced AJ’s tweets again. AJ would start back up with the company a few days later to set up the Divas tag match for WrestleMania. AJ gave notice after WrestleMania which is why Naomi got the win against Nikki Bella instead of AJ. It looked like they were headed into a program between AJ and Nikki until they got word from AJ that she was leaving. As noted before, she had to call this a retirement because it’s the only way she could get out of the remainder of her contract but that also means she cannot work anywhere in sports of entertainment until he contract expires.

AJ had some underlying heat with several of the women on the roster. One of the reasons noted was the speech she gave when she was voted as 2014 Diva of the Year and she said that she hoped that next year Bayley, Sasha Banks, Charlotte, Emma, or Paige would get it next year. That was something she said on her own and was not scripted into the show. There was a promo on the Raw pre-show from a couple of weeks ago where The Bellas ripped on AJ for talking about giving Divas a chance while sitting at home. The promo flew under the radar, I think, because most people are not watching the Raw pre-show but it defnitely came off as something that was said as knock on AJ for being gone for several months over the past year.

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