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AJ Styles blamed Paul Heyman when Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson were released by WWE

Last month when AJ Styles was interviewed on Corey Graves’ podcast, he said that he was still upset over the release of his best friends Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. It turns out that Styles’ anger over their release is not being directed at Vince McMahon. Instead, Styles is putting the blame on Paul Heyman, who was fired this week from his duties as head of creative.

During his interviews on “After The Bell,” Styles said that he needed a change when he was moved from Raw to SmackDown because losing Gallows and Anderson “really hurt me” and “it destroyed” him.

Styles did not mention Heyman by name but in a post on the Wrestling Observer Forum, Meltzer said that Styles blamed Heyman for Gallows and Anderson being fired.

Meltzer wrote, “Actually the reason was that he was furious that Gallows & Anderson were fired. Blamed Heyman. Classic case of JR/JJ/Laurinaitis syndrome. Vince is the one who made the decision but I suppose he felt Heyman could have fought him on it. So he wanted to go to the side where the guy in charge isn’t fighting Vince on something like that either.”

The anger is obviously being misplaced here because when it comes to anyone’s creative direction or releases, the buck stops with Vince McMahon. In previous interviews, Styles has always praised McMahon.

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