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AJ Styles comments on promotions trying to compete with WWE

While talking with Newsweek, former WWE Champion AJ Styles spoke about other promotions trying to compete with WWE.

Although he didn’t address AEW (All Elite Wrestling), they are the biggest competition that WWE has in the United States with the success of their Double or Nothing pay-per-view event as well as signing a deal to air a weekly television show on TNT later this year.

According to Styles, he doesn’t think any promotion should try to compete with WWE.

“As far as the indies and whatnot, I don’t think they should ever be competitive with the WWE,” Styles said. “They should compete with themselves to make sure they get better everyday because there’s no competition, if you want me to be honest. WWE is globally huge. It’s unbelievable to know how big the WWE is. People don’t understand it.

“If you want to succeed, don’t compete. Be something different, be the alternative. There’s a lot of people that have a good chance, but competition is always a great thing. I hope any company does well so they can be that competition. Competition will always make a better product.”


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