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AJ Styles doesn’t like spoilers: “I hate when people know what’s going on with our business”

Inside The Ropes had a chance to talk with AJ Styles before a WWE live event in Glasgow. Here are some highlights:

On the rumors that he was supposed to go to Raw for the Superstar Shake-Up:

“I had no idea what was going on. I heard rumors as well and I’m glad that they were wrong because I hate when people know what’s going on with our business. It should be our business to surprise you, not your business for someone to read on the internet. That upsets me that some people know or whoever it is, you know, in the office of WWE can keep their mouth shut. It’s fun for you guys to speculate.” He added, “I don’t think that WWE knew until the last minute who was going where and I have no problem with that because if they don’t know then neither does the internet.”

For months, WWE had planned to move Styles to Raw and they actually spoiled their own plans when they released an app update for the WWE Slam trading card game that listed Styles as a Raw Superstar. Styles also said that not moving to Raw means that there are several guys that he won’t be able to work with at the moment including Samoa Joe, Seth Rollins, and Finn Balor.

AJ reacts to WWE’s new pay-per-view called “Great Balls of Fire:”

“Do we really have a pay-per-view called “Great Balls of Fire?’ Wow, is there gonna be a piano – is there gonna be a hardcore match with pianos? That’s all I could think of is pianos when I hear ‘Great Balls of Fire,’ right?”

You can listen to his comments below and watch the other clips to hear his thoughts on The Undertaker’s retirement, performing for fans in Glasgow, and fan reaction to him facing Shane McMahon at WrestleMania 33.

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