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AJ Styles doesn’t think the WWE schedule is difficult, comments on being a heel and working with John Cena



WWE Champion AJ Styles spoke with NBC Sports to promote this Sunday’s WWE Survivor Series pay-per-view event. During the interview, Styles was asked about the transition to the WWE style. "It's been easy. Every guy that I've worked here in the WWE has been great,” Styles said. He added that he thinks that all of the Superstars understand that it’s not about them or him but rather about the match and making sure the fans enjoy it because that is what keeps them coming back to watch the product.

The WWE schedule is not easy by any means as the Superstars are on the road for over 300 days a year. However, Styles doesn’t think it is a hard schedule for him to adopt to as this is the life that he has known for nearly 18 years. The same goes for his wife. “This is what we do, and it’s not hard at all,” Styles said. Styles said the both he and his wife know that his run in pro wrestling isn’t going to last forever, so they’re enjoying it while it lasts and the benefits from the hard work.

When asked if he is more comfortable as a heel, Styles said absolutely. “Regardless of whether John Cena gets booed, or whatever it is, he's still the ultimate babyface,” Style said. He added that Cena is still a huge piece of this giant puzzle that is the WWE and that Cena being a face while he was a heel in their program was perfect. “I think being a better heel, makes you a better babyface in the long run,” Styles said.

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