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AJ Styles explains why he has not signed with WWE yet


Former TNA World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles recently appeared on The Taz Show: Bodyslams & Beyond and during that interview, Styles commented on the possibility of him joining NXT.

"At this point in my career, I'm going to go do what's best for my family and I want to do what's best to provide for them. So, the business that we're in, [if] the business could be better somewhere else, then that's where I'm going to go. That's what I'm going to do. So, like I said, it's a business plan. Wherever the plan takes me, that's where I'll go."

Taz then asked Styles about possibly going to CMLL to wrestle Rey Mysterio.

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"I'd like to wrestle Rey, Rey Mysterio, before he retires. I think we could have a pretty cool match and it would be a pretty big match, the two of us, so I'd probably get that done." Styles continued, "I would imagine you would have to come off the hip with some money for Rey, but it would be fun! It depends where we do it. The problem is he works for AAA and I work for New Japan and New Japan works for CMLL, or works with CMLL, so that's the big dilemma. It would have to be an independent [show] for us to meet."

To listen to this episode of the Taz Show, click here.