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AJ Styles hypes tonight’s MITB ladder match, Tommy Dreamer and Billy Gunn prepare to face Young Bucks in Australia

AJ Styles is in the men’s Money In The Bank match tonight in St Louis and he is looking to take home that briefcase with a title shot inside. This year’s MITB ladder match might honestly be the best one in WWE history with Nakamura, Owens, Styles, Ziggler, Zayn, and Corbin creating a great chance for some expert back and forth action. There are a few guys who can be real powerhouses and others who can perform amazing spots. Plus there’s always the Nakamura Factor and who knows how The Artist of Strong Style will be able to change the direction of this match.

The Phenomenal One is in St Louis and focused to take on any man who stands in his way. He wants a guaranteed title shot at the WWE Championship since rematch clauses only seem to apply to certain people because AJ still hasn’t gotten his rematch yet.

This is a great opportunity for AJ Styles and he plans on taking full advantage of it. He promises to pull down the briefcase and become The Phenomenal Mr Money In The Bank.

Tommy Dreamer and his band of Hardcore hooligans in HOH are making their way around Australia on a tour Down Under. The Young Bucks are booked for the first few dates of the tour and have been well received by the Australian crowd to say the least. They nearly sold out all every item of merchandise they had in Sydney alone.

Tommy Dreamer and Billy Gunn banded together on the tour to take on The Young Bucks on the House Of Hardcore Tour. Dreamer and Gunn call themselves The Old Bucks and that sounds pretty accurate. They might be old but in no way does that mean they’re not on top of their game.

Billy Gunn is still a Badass and wanted to prove that in his workout session before the show. He’s got abs for days and looks just as good as ever. It appears Australia got a great handful of shows.


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