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AJ Styles is the new WWE Champion, changes made to the Survivor Series card

As many of you saw on this week’s episode of WWE Smackdown Live, AJ Styles defeated Jinder Mahal to become the new WWE Champion. Clearly, this decision was made during the last few days because the original plan was for Styles to face Rusev in a qualifying match where the winner would be added to Team Smackdown at Survivor Series. The qualifying match ended up Randy Orton vs. Rusev and Orton was officially added to the team at Survivor Series.

We don’t know what this means for the India tour because the word was that they wanted Mahal as the champion for those shows since he is portrayed as a mega-babyface in that region. They could book the Styles vs. Mahal rematch in India and have Mahal win the title. There’s been talk that Mahal has been dealing with a shoulder injury so that could be the real reason why they took the title off of him.

The only thing that is for certain is that Styles will face Brock Lesnar at the Survivor Series pay-per-view. WWE has made several changes to the card in recent days and there might be more changes on the way next week. Click here for the updated Survivor Series card with a list of changes made and potential changes that could be made next week.

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