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AJ Styles on his future in pro wrestling, possible rematch with The Undertaker



AJ Styles recently did an interview with Vicente Beltrán of ViBe & Wrestling to talk about a wide range of topics.

During the interview, the WWE Intercontinental Champion was asked about his future in the pro wrestling business.

Styles was a top star while in TNA Wrestling then climbed the ladder and became the top guy when he went to NJPW. He repeated that success in WWE although he currently holds the secondary title on SmackDown.

According to Styles, he has many matches in front of him and retirement isn’t on his mind.

“I definitely think I have more, I'm going to push this body to the limit. I enjoy what I do, I respect what I do and I am proud of everything that happens in the ring so I'm going to do this as long as my body and my mind allow it. Many times my body and my mind argue with each other because my head tells me I can do it and my body tells me not to even try. I think you both have to agree and think maybe this is a good me to quit but when will that happen? This is something Undertaker has already talked about and it is something that happens every day because you love what you do.”

Speaking of The Undertaker, Styles was asked whether he would give Taker a shot at the Intercontinental Title. Of course, Taker has stated that he has no desire to step into the ring again to wrestle.

However, Styles has been open to having one more match with the former WWE Champion in a normal singles match with fans as he had original ideas for their match at WrestleMania 36 that was turned into a Boneyard Match.

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“Yes, definitely. If that means that he returns to a ring and we face in front of thousands of people, I would not hesitate for a moment. but will it happen? Would he be able to accept it? Probably not. If he decided that his career is over, I respect it. He has already done everything he had to do and has said: "That’s it, I have had enough" and believe me, I know what it is like.

I can't imagine doing what he has done for so long, it's hard, I can't ... So I think he has earned the right to say “enough” when he has thought it was convenient, but obviously I would offer him that opportunity.”

You can listen to the entire interview by clicking on the player below:

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