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AJ Styles responds to fan over calling Mauro Ranallo the best commentator

WWE United States Champion AJ Styles responded to a fan over some recent comments he made about Mauro Ranallo. 

Ranallo, who currently calls the action for the NXT brand, is a busy man as he splits his time between pro wrestling, boxing, and MMA. After he decided to depart from the SmackDown commentary booth a few years ago, Triple H brought him back to call the action for the black and yellow brand. 

Styles called Ranallo the best commentator in the business in a recent post on his official Twitter account. A few days later, a fan called him out for not mentioning WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross or Tony Schiavone 

Styles originally tweeted, “@mauroranallo is easily the best commentator in the biz.” The user’s response was, “Stop acting like you don’t know who @JRsBBQ is cause you work in that “universe” where no other company exists. I love @mauroranallo and he should be calling Raw but he’s not better then @JRsBBQ or @tonyschiavone24.”

This led to Styles responding to the fan by standing by his comments as well as calling the fan an idiot and a moron.

“Normally I don’t reply to real morons, but you’ve earned it. @mauroranallo is one of the busiest commentators not only in wrestling, but in sports that people get knocked out. Why do you think that’s so? You simple minded idiot.”


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