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AJ Styles' son says he doesn't watch WWE anymore

AJ Styles


During a live Twitch stream, AJ Styles' son admitted that he no longer watches WWE. The comment itself wasn't a big deal and kids tend to be more honest than adults but this echoes what has been reported about the problems WWE has trying to reach a younger audience.

WWE Monday Night Raw delivers solid ratings for the USA Network and the same goes for Friday Night SmackDown on FOX but the majority of their audience if over 50 years old. NXT loses to AEW on most weeks in most of the demo categories except for the 50+ demographic.

In the late 90s, WWE's biggest audience was young adults and teenagers but many of the fans from that era are no longer watching the product and many of the ones who are still watching make up the older demographic.

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It is clear that WWE needs to do more to cater to their younger audience because that is the audience that networks and advertisers care about the most.

Styles' son saying he doesn't watch WWE anymore echoes the sentiment of many fans who no longer watch. Hopefully, a fresh creative direction can help WWE get some of those younger fans back. In the video below, you can hear Styles' son comment about not watching WWE.