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AJ Styles tried to get The Undertaker to come out of retirement for one more match



The Undertaker hasn’t wrestled since his Boneyard Match against AJ Styles at WrestleMania 36 in 2020. Taker had his Final Farewell at Survivor Series 2020 and was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame last Friday.

Taker stated leading up to the WWE Hall Of Fame that he could squeeze out one more match if he wanted to do so and at the ceremony, he ended his speech by saying never say never. 

While doing an interview with Wrestling Inc, Styles stated that he wishes the match could’ve been in front of fans instead of a cinematic match. Thus, Styles did try to convince Taker to do one more, but Taker didn’t take the call because he knew it was time to walk away.

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“I think we all knew that once the Boneyard match got the reaction that it did, that might be it. I called, and he didn’t return my calls. Because he knew, ‘hey, he’s going to convince me to have another match.’”

Styles lost to Edge at WrestleMania Sunday following a distraction by Damian Priest. WWE has booked Styles vs. Priest for next week’s Raw.