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Alberto Del Rio involved in a fight at a nightclub and police station (updated)



There are reports coming out from Leoben, Austria claiming that Alberto Del Rio and his brother El Hijo de Dos Caras were involved in a fight in a nightclub on 12/30. reports that police were called after Del Rio allegedly beat up a man at the nightclub. The man, according to the report, ended up being hospitalized.

The story gets worse because Del Rio and his brother allegedly got into a fight while at the police station after Del Rio was able to break the zip ties around his wrists and there was reportedly blood on the walls of the police station. The story also states that Del Rio knocked out his brother.

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Del Rio is back in the United States and his brother worked a show in Mexico yesterday. We have reached out to Del Rio's rep to get his side of the story. This comes on the heels of the fight with another wrestler in Mexico a few weeks ago, the stabbing incident that allegedly took place in San Antonio and his brief disappearance and no-show of a major AAA show.