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Alberto Del Rio files lawsuit against Combate Americas



Jose Alberto Rodriguez, known as Alberto Del Rio and Alberto El Patron from his pro wrestling career, has filed a lawsuit against the Combate Americas MMA promotion for breach of contract as well as unjust enrichment, and conversion for not turning over his social media accounts.

Del Rio started the process back in July when he filed the proper court documents against Combate Global LLC in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, according to

The lawsuit claims he was owed $250,000 for his December 2019 MMA fight against Tito Ortiz, which the former WWE Champion lost, in addition to him alleging they maintained control of his social media accounts after he stopped working for the company.

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Del Rio states he signed an agreement with the promotion in September 2016 to become a “co-spokesman, color commentator, roving reporter, pre-fight and post-fight interviewer, on-camera personality, liaison for fighter relations and brand ambassador.”

Del Rio claims he was to be paid $250,000 for the first year and if he appeared on-camera in any role he was to receive another $10,000 per event.

The two sides extended their deal for an additional 8 months and later did another extension for another 2 years beyond the initial term that was for a year. This would have seen him earn a total of $883,333.36. Del Rio claims he “performed all duties and services, and the Defendants did not complain about the quality of those duties and services.” The deal ended in July 2017 only for the promotion to offer him the fight deal with Ortiz that saw him get $500,000 to promote the fight, and another $250,000 for the actual fight.

He alleges in the lawsuit that the promotion ignored invoices for payment and that they owe him $250,000.

Del Rio doesn’t want a jury trial. Instead, he wants $250,000 for the fight, at least $26,250.00 in interest that would be from after December 31, 2019 through April 15, 2021, Plaintiffs’ costs and reasonable attorney’s fees, the return of his social media accounts, and further relief.