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Details on how much WWE is paying Alberto Del Rio and his reduced schedule (updated)

UPDATED: A note on the report in this week’s Observer regarding different sources listing a $1.45 million downside guarantee for Alberto Del Rio in returning to WWE.  According to other sources with knowledge of exactly what his contract entails, while he may very well make that much over the next year in WWE, he was not given a guarantee close to that.  It appears from here that when the Lucha Underground deal fell apart, that he wanted to go back to WWE and that’s really it.  As noted before, he will be at TV Monday and Tuesday and then he’ll be leaving after Tuesday night for the entire European tour, so AAA being told he was going to work their TV’s on 11/7 and 11/15 isn’t happening and one questions if they’ll even get him back for a date.

ORIGINAL: As noted earlier this week, Alberto Del Rio left AAA on good terms so he could return to WWE. He did keep his WWE deal a secret until the last minute since the creative for his debut called for him to return as a surprise. He wasn’t secretive to some about the fact that he was planning on going back to WWE but he was secretive about when he would be back.

Alberto told AAA’s Dorian Roldan and Konnan on 10/24 or 10/25 and said that the deal with WWE had just been put together and finalized. The impression being given is that he would finish up his final dates with AAA. Keep in mind that he is the AAA Mega Heavyweight Champion.

Alberto’s deal with WWE is said to be, according to multiple sources, at $1,450,000 downside. This means that he’ll make at least that much but he would make more with merchandise and house show bonuses. WWE also agreed to give him a reduced schedule largely because they felt that they need a Hispanic star.

Konnan, who is close with Alberto, was involved in the negotiations between Alberto and the Combate Americas promotion and AAA. Konnan was said to be aware about who Alberto was talking to but still had the impression that he wasn’t going back to WWE. Privately, Alberto had given people the impression that he would be back in WWE in time for WrestleMania.

There were reports about Alberto possibly going to TNA but the belief is that TNA was never really under consideration because there’s nothing concrete that they could offer at this point.

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