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Photo Credit: Bexar County Sheriff’s Office

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Alberto Del Rio may be off the hook in sexual assault case

Alberto Del Rio may be off the hook after his former girlfriend retracted her statements that claimed that he allegedly sexually assaulted her.

Back in May, the police said that Alberto tied her hands with boxing straps and then stuffed a sock in her mouth so he could sexually assault her for several hours with various objects. Investigators said that Alberto punched her in the back of the head and she did not remember much of what happened during the alleged assault. The alleged incident is said to have happened on 5/3 and the woman said she had photographs to document her injuries.

In her first post in many months on her Instagram account, Del Rio’s former girlfriend said, “I apologize to the Rodriguez Del Rio family for the damages caused by my errors.”

Prosecutors can still pursue the case and police said they saw the bruises on her but it would be tough to continue with the case without the witness testifying. The trial was scheduled to start on January 25.

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