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Alberto Del Rio names his current dream opponents in WWE

This week, while speaking with Sportskeeda, Alberto Del Rio said he would like to wrestle Finn Balor and Roman Reigns.

"One that I never had the opportunity to wrestle against is Finn Balor. He's one of the best ones in the business. When he was coming in, I was going out of the company. We talked. We didn't have the opportunity to become friends, but there was always a lot of respect between us even though we never really met before. Now, he is one of the greatest stars in the company and in the world. So I would love to wrestle against him. That would be a hell of a match,” Del Rio said.

“Roman Reigns is the face of the business these days who I've had the opportunity to wrestle many times. I remember that match that, for many people, a lot of people say that it was really good for him because back then, he was still trying to get approval from the hardcore fans. That night, he was against a real heel. Not a heel that tries to be cool like most of the heels these days," he continued.

"These days, the bad guys want to be cool. Come on guys. If you're the bad guy, be the bad guy and enjoy your role. Roman Reigns and I had the opportunity to have a fantastic match that night in front of that really difficult crowd in New York from Madison Square Garden. At the end of the night, they gave him the recognition that he deserves. Then I left the company. Now it's really nice to see that he has become what the company wanted from him.”

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You can view Alberto Del Rio's entire talk with Sportskeeda below.

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