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Alberto Del Rio no shows major event on Sunday night

Alberto Del Rio was a no show for the Héroes Inmortales X show in Monterrey, Mexico on Sunday night. He had been promoting his return on social media up until a couple of days ago and he told fans that he left WWE because he wanted to return home.

As we first reported on Sunday morning, Alberto was seen in Orlando and we figured that he may have been in town visiting Paige since she lives in the area but then we heard about the no show and figured that there was a good chance that he made the decision to sign with TNA.

Well, something is up with Alberto because he did not appear at Bound For Glory. TNA has been interested in him ever since word first got out that he wanted to leave WWE. He is free and clear to work for any promotion. If we hear more on Alberto then we’ll pass it along. I would imagine that AAA is not too happy with Albero because this is the second time that he has no-showed a major event for them. The first time was last year when he secretly signed to return to WWE. He was the AAA Mega Champion at the time and chose to vacate the title instead of making one last appearance to drop it at the request of AAA Executive Vice President Dorian Roldan.

AAA issued a statement on their website saying that the fans have supported Alberto and made him an international star but he let them down.

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