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Alberto Del Rio returning to WWE?

We got a few emails asking about this since it’s come up again in a few places. The rumors about WWE being interested in Alberto El Patron (Alberto Del Rio) are true. Dave Meltzer first reported about this several weeks ago in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Also, as noted, WWE has shown interest in Rey Mysterio and Carlito. There were informal talks between WWE and Mysterio. The feeling from Mysterio is that he is able to make his own schedule and he’s making good money so for him to consider a return to the company then he’d have to work at a reduced schedule.

Also, as noted, Carlito was offered a deal but he considered it a low money offer but he is still open to returning if he gets the right deal. The idea for Carlito is to pair him with a repackaged Los Matadores. I believe the plan would be to have Los Matadores wrestle without the matador gimmick and reveal themselves to be Colons. The situation is the same with Alberto. He is able to pick and choose when he works and he’s making good money. He would consider a return to the company if he was offered a reduced schedule.

WWE has been looking for a hispanic star and Los Matadores were never given a chance to be serious wrestlers and Sin Cara never worked out like they had hoped.

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