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Alberto Del Rio says he’s proud of CM Punk for walking out of WWE

Alberto Del Rio gave his thoughts on CM Punk walking out from WWE. He said that he’s proud of Punk. He said that Punk started like he did on the independents making very little money and he made it to the big stage. He said one day he wasn’t happy and he left. He said that he remembered that day because he had a match with Kofi Kingston. The referee told Del Rio that they needed an extra 14 minutes. The reason was because CM Punk left the company. He called Punk a “stand up guy” and a guy who really believes what he says and what he thinks. Del Rio talked about the incident that led to his firing from WWE. He said that he doesn’t regret what he did because he stood up for his beliefs. You can check out the video below. I believe this was recorded before he reached his settlement with WWE.

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