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Alberto Del Rio says NXT star wants to leave WWE, talks wellness violation and more

Former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio spoke with Mas Lucha in Mexico last Friday about his departure from the company and what his future holds.

Del Rio was asked if WWE publishing his 30-day suspension publicly was a determining factor in his decision to leave, Del Rio said “of course it was.” Del Rio said that the reason he wanted to leave is because of his suspension and many more things. Del Rio said that there are rules in WWE, and the wellness policy is one of their rules. Del Rio doesn’t think that the wellness policy is fair because there is a difference in people using medication to get a better physical performance and then there are people who need TRT as they get older for medical reasons. Del Rio said that he needs TRT because is almost 40 years old and that he has proof from his doctors that he needs TRT. Del Rio stated that it wasn’t the main reason he left the company, but it did help him make the decision to say, “Goodbye, see you later. I don’t want to be in this company.” Del Rio added that he will be leaving (retiring) pro wrestling in two years and that he wants to finish his career in Mexico.

Del Rio was asked about his upcoming projects which include him being a commentator. Del Rio explained that he was offered a deal as a wrestling commentator, but the company did not offer him a good deal, and he turned it down. Del Rio added that he has other projects with a network in Mexico that includes a reality show. Del Rio later talked about opening his restaurant in San San Antonio, which is another reason he left WWE. “They were generous and facilitated my release, to do it in the best way possible.”

When asked about Andrade “Cien” Almas and Gran Metalik’s futures in WWE, Del Rio said that a big problem with Latin talents going to WWE is that they can’t speak English. Del Rio added that Almas wants to leave NXT and come back to Mexico. Almas recently asked him if things are different on the main roster from NXT. Del Rio told him that things are going to get worse when he gets called up to the main roster. Del Rio believes that WWE will always be looking for the next big Latin talent like a Rey Mysterio. Del Rio doubts that they will find a major Latin star again because there aren’t people with the amount of talent that rey Mysterio or he has.

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