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Alberto Del Rio says top WWE exec made racist jokes about Latinos and African Americans

Alberto Del Rio has signed on to do a Kayfabe Commentaries DVD with Sean Oliver. There was talk that he was going to do major media and talk about his firing but he never did. That would seem to indicate that perhaps there were negotiations with WWE to keep the circumstanes around his firing quiet. This may also explain why he’s working in Mexico and Japan this coming week when he has a worldwide non-compete for one year. He hasn’t worked for any U.S. companies yet and a lot of indie groups are interested in having him do shows. They are also interested in having him together with Ricardo Rodriguez. This likely means that a lot is still in the negotiation phase regarding how the situation turns out.

He did tell Fighting Spirit Magazine that WWE only wants you to do their style and they have you in a box and you can’t think outside the box. He said that he doesn’t blame WWE because it works for them but now he will be mixing in American, European, Japanese, and Mexican styles in his matches going forward. He also said that his father will have a big retirement event sometime in the first half of 2015 what will include him, Mil Mascaras, his brother Guillermo Rodriguez (El Hijo de Dos Caras), stars from Japan and Rey Mysterio wants to be there.

He said that there were constant racist jokes in WWE and he never liked them but never said anything because they were usually said by important people. He said that the jokes were not just about Latins but they were also about African-Americans. He talked about being told by the company that he would be suspended for the incident with Cody Barbierri but when the company realized that they had a lawsuit against them for an incident where Big Show was alleged to have slapped someone during a vignette then the company decided to release him. He said they told him “We need to let you go until things cool down” and was given the impression that he’d be back in a few months.

He said that he told them that if he wasn’t hired back by the time he hung up the phone then he wasn’t coming back and he had already made up his mind that he was leaving the company when his contract expired. He said that the person who called him to let him go was a high up person who always made racial jokes and said that since he does it with everyone else he thinks it’s ok to do it and says he told that person that.

He also said that he was going to leave because the money was down and was only home 38-40 hours each week to see his family. He said that Myzteziz (the original Sin Cara) is making $5,000 per match in Mexico and only doing two to three matches per week. He said that the new hot guys in the company these days in WWE are making $500 per match. He said that one wrestler told him that he did a match on Superstars, a long match on Raw, a promo on Raw and then a dark match at the end of the show and got $500 for it. He made it clear that the guy had a brother in the company so that narrows it down to one of the Usos or Bray Wyatt. He also talked about wrestlers getting $2,000 for a four show tour in Mexico. He said that the young guys are not totally unhappy about it but also not happy either but don’t have a choice. He also said that he and Mysterio weren’t happy and they had a place to go to make money.

He said that one time he complained to Triple H about doinig a tour and getting his check, while he was champion, and said that he used to make more money for a week of small shows for CMLL and that was two years ago. He said that he would always get paid well in the end (when they fixed his checks) because he would stand up and fight over money and said he would complain to the head of talent relations (Triple H or John Laurinaitis) every week. He also said that he got $10,000 per week when he was Dos Caras, Jr. in Japan. He said that he took AAA’s offer because they offered a better money deal than CMLL and he is working on bringing Drew McIntyre (Drew Galloway) to Mexico in 2015. He and Drew are really good friends and Drew was the best man at his wedding.

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