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Alberto Del Rio takes a shot at WWE?

Paige’s boyfriend Alberto Del Rio apparently took a shot at WWE on Saturday with a simple tweet. He tweeted “Hmm interesting and they say she’s not hurt…” A screen shot from a text message (Presumable about Paige) showed that she has a c6-c7 disc herniation that was pushing on the exit of the C7 nerve root that was causing her pain in her upper extremities. The text also noted that she has a lot of wear and tear for her age.

There could be a legal issue coming out of this story because WWE’s doctors did not believe that she needed surgery. Paige will be getting surgery this Wednesday and the same doctor that worked on Tyson Kidd will be working on her neck. Unless something was somehow worked out with WWE, then she would have to pay for the surgery because WWE pays for wrestler surgeries if they’ve been seen by a WWE doctor.

Paige is expected to be rehabbing for 6-9 months. If there’s any chance for her to return to the company then it would be shortly after WrestleMania, at the earliest. She is also serving a 60-day suspension for violating the WWE wellness policy. A third strike could result in termination. WWE has publicly stated that she failed for an illegal substance, not prescription medication.

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