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Alberto Del Rio talks about his father’s reaction to him wrestling without a mask In WWE

Alberto Del Rio recently spoke to Bleacher Report’s Jonathan Snowden in which he spoke of various topics. Here are the highlights.

On the differences between wrestling in Mexico and the U.S:

In Mexico we see the business in a different way. But when I moved here to the States and started to work for WWE, I saw quickly the differences between one place and the other.

Here you have to be able to communicate, to tell the audience what you are feeling, your emotions. If you’re feeling pain, if you’re happy, if you’re frustrated. It helps you sell your character even better.

On what his father and uncles thought of him joining WWE:

They did approve my decision. Before doing it, before removing the mask, I asked them. Especially my dad. I asked my dad if he was good with the idea of me doing that. Because if he would have disagreed, I wouldn’t have done it. Ever.

All my decisions are based on what my father says, because he has been with me since the beginning of my career.  The beginning of my life. For me, it’s really important what my dad has to say.

On how his dad (Dos Caras) reacted to him working without a mask in WWE:

When I asked him, he was totally cool with the idea. He said “You belong with the most important wrestling company in the world. And removing the mask is going to take you to the place where you deserve to be. So be it.”

I did it and the rest is history.

To read the full entire interview, please click here.

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