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Alberto Del Rio’s wellness violation was due to a failed steroid test

This past weekend, when the subject of his WWE wellness violation came up, Alberto Del Rio told the Mexican media that he had a valid prescription from his doctor. Apparently, he said that he had higher than normal testestone levels and that is why he failed.

The high testosterone story is accurate but Dave Meltzer is reporting that there is more to Del Rio’s story because he failed a steroid test. Meltzer noted that there is more to the story but he was told some things off the record that he is not allowed to talk about yet.

Del Rio noted that while he was already leaning towards leaving the company, the wellness violation played a role in his decision to leave because talks were stil ongoing after he gave notice in June. I’m sure that there are eyes rolling over Brock Lesnar being immune to punishment for his UFC/USADA drug tests while full-time performers are not.

So, where does Del Rio go from here? There is interest from several promotions including AAA and TNA.

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