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Alberto El Patron shoots on WWE, why he and Ricardo were split up, bullies in WWE, more

Alberto El Patron recently sat down with Sean Oliver to do a YouShoot interview. Alberto talks about his career in MMA, WWE, backstage stories, his WWE departure, and much more.

Alberto said that the incident where he slapped the social media employee happened only after the guy smiled at him and refused to apologize to him for alleged racist remarks. He also said that his former company (WWE) waits for people to turn their back so they can stab you in the back.

He said that the big guys get bullied by the little guys in the office that make fun of him and revealed that WWE separated him and Ricardo Rodriguez because someone disliked Ricardo. Alberto also talked about WWE's micro management, which is something many people have said about them in the past, and how they tell wrestlers to go out and have fun but they can't because of how they run their show. He also made the point (which is true, for the most part) that the wrestlers that have come from NXT that are good are wrestlers that were already good before they got there.

Check out the preview below:

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