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Aleister Black dismisses reports about how Vince McMahon viewed him, more details on his WWE release



Many fans were surprised to see Aleister Black be released by WWE today.

After being off television since last October, WWE brought him back a few weeks ago where there were vignettes shown of him cutting promos to further hype his return. He came back late in May to start a program with Big E. Last week, both stars didn’t appear on SmackDown as WWE wanted to give the storyline a week to “hang.”

Fightful Select reports this storyline had no long-term endgame and many of those associated with putting the storyline together didn't even know that he was going to being released. It was added that “creative was told to stop making pitches for Black, but weren't told why.”

Black previously commented on his WWE release. He also noted on Twitter that he’s not mad at all about his departure before plugging his Twitch stream:

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Black noted on the live stream that when he was informed of his release, he was told it was due to budget cuts. He referred to the character as "the devil with memory loss, he knew he'd done something bad but couldn't remember what." He defended WWE creative and put them over, but noted that the dialogue in his promos was written for him.

Black noted that he was told his segments did good ratings and he sold a lot of merchandise but did wonder sometimes why things didn't work out. He made it clear that he is very grateful to WWE, Vince McMahon, Triple H, Paul Heyman, and everyone he got to work with.

Regarding his feud with Big E, he didn't know much what the direction was other than them suppose to "go at" it this Friday on SmackDown. He said that reports of his request to go back to NXT getting shut down weren’t the case, but rather WWE was open to the idea. However, WWE wanted to go with another idea instead.

He also said that the reports of Vince McMahon not being high on him weren’t true at all as McMahon was high on his character. It was previously reported that when Paul Heyman was the Raw Executive Director, he was the one behind the pushes of Black, Andrade, and more, but when he was removed from that spot, the pushes of those stars stopped. Black also talked about not believing everything you read and how some things can be taken out of context. He gave some examples of that happening such as his NXT return.

When he was gone for seven months, he was originally told he would be off TV for a few weeks. He was bummed out to learn of the other releases. Black also noted that he thinks he has a good 10 years of wrestling left in him and is open to the idea of starting a wrestling school.